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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 15, 2013 11:42 AM Flag


    Mr. President and Eric, open your mouth and say ahhhhh!!!! and watch the plane zoooom....zooom......good boys.

    Now repeat, CONGRESS IS FULL of SELF SERVING CHEATS. a surprise?

    Now repeat CONGRESS, LOBBYISTS AND CORP-AMERICA are one shroud who give each other leverage and power to repeatedly to what is in the best interest of themselves as opposed to what they were elected to do which is to serve and advance the US Citizen.

    Now repeat THE SEC is a joke who hands out MILLIONS in fines to REPEAT OFFENDERS who STEAL BILLIONS. Eric is the US Citizen an idiot? seriously? What happend to cutting off the arm to save the body? Let us start carving up Wall Street and purging the criminals. Eric you failed us already several times, don't fail us again. Which one of you let Jon Corzine OFF? Eric? Mr. President?

    Now REPEAT, 2 STRIKES AND YOUR FIRM IS SLAPPED WITH A LIFETIME BAN. This is how you clean up Wall Street, otherwise you 2 are jusy STEALING WITH THEM ?

    Psuedo-Journalists need to start showing integrity, if the old writers will not then the young generatioin will have to. RISE.

    Eric are you a puppet appointed by a puppet? Just asking Eric.

    Please nail that to the doors of Congress and CC ERIC HOLDER TO START implementing a new policy when it comes to the men of WALL ST. 2 STRIKES AND WE BURY THEM!! the US CITIZEN is set on fire with RAGE, if you haven't figured it out and demands justice from you two.

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