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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 18, 2013 6:34 PM Flag

    Warren Buffet - spare us with your sound bytes and the truth about

    Why doesn't old man Warren ever talk about corruption and collusion in the stock market?

    Is he a no see,no hear and no speak monkey? tell us Warren?

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    • truth about GM.

      Warren spare us.

      How many shared holders did the US Government bankrupt? Yes the US Government. Who made the most money from GM.

      All those Trillions of taxes paid by GM for every car sold, for every dollar earned and saved and then the final kick in the nuts, steal what ever is left by having GM bankrupt. The corruption at the federal level is incredible if you think like a physicists, you have the solution and now work backwards to the question.

      How is GM still around and why aren't the locals burning the building down as quick as they can steal our money, euphemism.

      This Congress should be curtailed, the Presidency should be reduced to the joke it is, we need a purge worse then ever.

      Warren, we trust you know? Seriously? Not one word about corruption in all those decades, the late great Ted Warren would and has charted you as well expose you and your cronies.

      You sir are not a great American Citizen, if you were you would expose all of the ills of your universe, do you? No.

      Google or Yahoo Warren Buffet speaks on corruption, boy is he mums.

      CNBC you have him on all day, but the internet says he is despised by most of America, why?

      Elizabeth Warren wants votes, first she needs to leave the other party of Corruption, called the Democratic Party then start with the 2 strikes and you are gone, regardless how large of a corporation you are.

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