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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 20, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    The SEC thinks we are IDIOTS or they are handcuffed by a Congress and President.

    Steal; yes STEAL money from your investors. they call it (improperly manage, we call it Madoffing it).

    Result stay away on vacation for 5 years. Are you kidding us, we the US Citizen again are being VIOLATED and again the SEC shows itself to be nothing more than a pawn in a game of Kings and Queens to oppress and violate its citizenship’s rights at every turn; please send them your daughters and sons to violate since they have already violated their futures.

    “hey son do the wrong thing, steal as much as you can and be banned for 5 years only and we will keep you supplied until we have another round of stealing from the US Citizenship”, as opposed to OLE DODGE CITY, ”GO GET THAT ROPE AND SHOW ANY OTHER STRANGER WHAT WE DO TO RUSTLERS AROUND HERE.”.
    Louis L’amour would be ashamed of us.
    What happened to the days you would burn a KING down in his own castle when he went over the line of abusing the children of his subjects? Have we become such cowards, no longer willing to stand up to such tyranny? STOP AND FRISK, Bloomie you louse and your top COP, TOP LOUSE.

    BURN THE CASTLE DOWN. THE SEC should be ashamed. Time for the US DOJ to start BUCKING up SERIOUS $$$$ to attract superior talent and let a SHARK FIGHT A SHARK. The SEC AND USDOJ along with the other 2 branches send a PEKINGESE (SEC lawyers) VS. PITBULL INFECTED WITH RABIES (WALL St. and Corp-America lawyers).


    Mr. President STAND UP for the US CITIZEN !! Those who voted for you. MAN UP and live up to your promises. Is this the example you leave for you children. Leave men who got you into power and remain their puppet instead of being a double agent and cleaning the ills up. Remain loyal to your own checkbook? We do not care what they have on you. We care about terminating these families of power.

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    • RM the SEC with TALENTED LAWYERS AND EXPIERENCED HONEST LEGISLATORS. SPEND A BILLION ON FIGHTING THE FINANCIAL TERRORISTS WITH IN OUR BORDERS. We spend TRILLIONS to fight causes that are TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MILES away and we can not budget a BILLION to clean up the cesspool of your constituents that are enraging a nation?

      Please tweet this to others. Ask your local offcials to start standing up for such causes and an ARMY OF 300 MILLION will escor them into the White House and purge this Republican and Democratic Regime. Make the pledge or bury your children, they drink $500 bottles of liqour while you cut coupons for COKE and PEPSI.

      Rise AMERICA and show these cads the greatness of our citizenship.

      As Dirty Harry said, "A man has got to know it's limitations". A Government and Crooked Wall St. CADS need to know their limitations.

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      • stop being “GOOD SOLDIERS”, start being “GREAT CITIZENS”?
        The enemy is clearly the CURRENT REPBULICAN AND DEMOCRATIC PARTIES, ineptness and a THIRD CENTURY will not be tolerated. It may have been ok to have slavery with these two parties for over 2 centruries?
        It is not ok with men of education?
        It may have been ok to be IMPERIALISTS and violate others for gain,?
        it is not OK with an educated citizenship?

        It may have been OK to enter wars because genocide was occurring in Europe but turning a blind eye to our means and methods of committing genocide on the Iroquois, Abenaki, Cayuga, Mohican, Mohegan, Oneida, Onondaga, Poopatuck/Unkechaug, Erie, Illini, Miami , Shawnee, Lenape/Deleware , Muncie,Nanticoke, Potawatomi nations as well as hundreds of more.

        Home of the BRAVE?

        We made a great mistake murdering so many so the Rockefellers , Carnegies and Vanderbilts could amass empires and now the same bloodlines are turning on this current citizenship. When you think of their names you should first think of all those lives displaced if not slaughtered to lay the tracks for their iron horse and now such great philanthropists these families are? WOW. Did STEVE JOBS HAVE TO MURDER ANYONE to build an empire, to spread his vision, usher mankind to advancement? These cowards did with the help of the cowardice Republican and Democratic Party?

        Now we have a new line of such GREAT PSEUD-INDUSTRIALISTS we call CORP –AMERICA and Lobbyists. The SEC will need to be cleansed and purged to be set forth upon the ills of Wall St. and Business across this country..

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