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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 21, 2013 8:32 AM Flag

    How many ways are these Republicans and Democrats going to invent to STEAL OUR SAVINGS?

    What is the latest agenda they are using to condition the masses?

    "TAPERING". wow!

    What was it before, Congress can be completely held responsible for our CREDIT RATING DEBACLE. NIJE JOB for all those voted for them, make sure you vote for them again and then burn your house down.

    SEQUESTERING was another term they used to STEAL OUR MONEY.

    These Republicans and Democrats invent a new way to STEAL OUR MONEY. What do we have left?

    They STEAL your inheritances via 50% tax.

    The Republicans and Democrats steal your SOCIAL SECURITY if you actullay saved and set up an income generating machine instead of overspending and being frugal while others were not. They respond with a 80% TAX on it? We take this from these people? Why?

    It is time to burn their house down as they have burned ours by voting them out.j

    You say you are not the market, but you are. You need to clean it up. We need a new army of regulators to cleanse it, purge it, just as the voters need to purge Congress of your own ills with your relationships with Corp America.

    The US Citizen is reaching a critical mass, saturation of your BS may not have peaked but the US Citizen is EXHAUSTED of it.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table and tweet others as well as email others to take "the pledge".

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    • The Hindenburg trigger? lol

      Dear Congress tell the guy to the left of you and to the right you odds are if this economy goes in the toilet you will not be sitting there. Most likely the US CITIZEN will have entered the White House to escort you ALL out already. Your family names and lineage will be ex-communicated from holding any office for 4 generations.

      Sounds good to us all poor schleps who have barely anything left after we pay your taxes and pay the debt you have forced us all into.

      Please do not vote for the Republican or Democratic Governors for the upcoming election in Virgina and New Jersey. It is time to start sending a message to these criminals against the state.

      If the USDOJ actually was blind they would probably have imprisoned many of these NOT SO FINE GENTELEMEN and LADIES of CONGRESS one may suspect.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of congress.

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