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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 22, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

    Collusion of CRASHING FIXED INCOME; Republican and Democratic Empire is coming to a close

    This has been the latest trend that has been on going for the past 9 months.

    They think we are too stupid to connect the dots.

    They don't like the fact that your money is basically locked in and you are happy for conisten amd tired of getting nothing but bleeding red. So what do you drive investors out of fixed income so they can charge fees and out right dropping the value itself to panic rightly so people out of fixed income. Loose a little here, get their fees, move the cattle to the next pen, take their fees, move them a little closer the slaughter house and take fees...until...we got the picture.

    These are not any new ways to STEAL OUR MONEY, just a dynamic game of STEALING OUR MONEY. Where is the USDOJ when it comes to such things? Why are they protecting Congress and Corp-America and not bringing them to justice? When are they going to increase the headcount and turn the SEC into an army of bonafide lawyers fighting for the justice for the American way of life and its citizens?

    Clean up Wall St. and Clean up Congress.

    This race of GOV in Virgina and NJ will be a clear message to the rest of the crooks in governement this nation is ready to take control away from you old rustlers of the American Dream. ENOUGH!!

    The window of the Republican and Democratic Empire is coming to a close, why? GREED and DISCONNECT from its citizens. Take the last bit you haven't stolen, we will be coming for you all eventually. Our children will not be there to safegaurd you from the justice of the US Citizen.

    Starting another war or trying to spread fear via terrorist, the American Citizen is tired of the REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRAT REGIME using tactics to sway public opinoin by creating a fabricated nationalism agenda to fight terrorists; so we are not focused on the ills these two have done for more then 2 centuries and now into the 3rd century

    Please share shuch topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of CONGRESS

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    • This is not going to go away until a change occurs and a new mindset.

      The will of the AMERICAN CITIZEN will incite a POLITIAL REVOLUION. It will have to start with this election of Governors for Virginia and New Jersey and then 48 more to come.

      Tic Toc.

      Your children are counting on you.

      Please share such topics of conversation with others.

      Let the "Hindenburg NONSENSE", trigger a crash and we will find them all INCOMPETENT in office and the pledge will be triggered and REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS WILL BE escorted from office and the lowerlevel local elected officals will replace them.

      If we replace one #$%$ with another #$%$ we can repeat the process, why let the same #$%$ make all the money.

      Mr. PRESIDENT PLEASE TELL CONGRESS as they say in the MAFIA, which these REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS are. Even the other MAFIAS know to bleed us slowly so we can keep paying this week, next week and the following week. you have all been yourselves take 50% on the DOLLAR, the AMERICAN CITIZEN WANTS A TASTE. "YOU STEAL ANYMORE MONEY, THE US CITIZEN WANTS A TASTE FROM NOW, CAPICE?"

      Now we are all going to put names together of everyone we are handing those paperbags stuffed with money and follow the trail a few times so we get it right who to WHACK. The guy who lost a buisness or and family member already to their hands gets to first shot to "WHACK". There are plenty of victims who wouldn't mind being the hands of JUSTICE since the DOJ can't figure out how to cleanse criminals.

      Please share such topics of convesation with others. Do not Vote for the two teir terrorists political party any longer.

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