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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 22, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Barclays Price Rigs for 2 decades?

    Why haven't they been dismantled?

    Who are the bigger crooks, Barclay's or the governing bodies who failed to dismantle them?

    Ask your Republican or Democratic Senator?

    Ask him does he have any family member employed at Barclay's as full time employee or consultant?

    Ask him are you on Barclay's pay roll directly or through a third party?

    This Republican and Democratic EMPIRE BUILDING that has been ongoing for over 2 CENTURIES needs to be dissolved. At the expense of Lil Johnnie getting killed on some foriegn soil and then them stealing from Lil Johnnie's parents at retirement from their 401K account since Lil Johnnie is DEAD for their crusade of power and control comes to an END.

    Do not vote for the Republicans and Democrats this NJ and Virginia Gubernatoriall
    Election! Vote Sarvis and Kapaln

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table, Lil Johnnie died for his parents and countrymen or men who allow Barclay's to rape abuse his parents?

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    • Leave Barclays alone, they have a created a product that naturally decays with out risk! I have made millions stealing money from people who believe VXX can go up! I read the prospectus. It can only go down! ;) Long live Barclays. I sent a fruit basket to a P.O. box last year for Christmas.

    • "Ex-Barclays boss Bob Diamond under pressure to hand £2m payoff to charity"

      We need to see Barclays burned to the ground.

      Steal Trillions and get fine 20M ? You have to love these colluding swindlers.

      In the Ole Days of Dodge City a rope, him and a sign that read "this is what happens to RUSTLERS around here".

      We have rustlers in Congress, a house infested with termites that needs to be burned to the ground with local politicans who are non-republican and non-democrats elevated to these new vacant postions.

      Virgina and New Jersey we end their reign and send a message in the coming Gov. election!

      Are you prepared to pick up the flag and protect it from men who have been wiping their rears with it for over 2 centuries?

      The US CITIZEN needs to declare WAR on this current regime,establishment,mafia, the men reaching into our pockets and slicing our souls. This isn't your favorite sports team, this is about your family, friends, all those that can no longer be heard.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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