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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 22, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Congress Cartell, Corp America Cartell and Lobbyists (ex-Congressmen) Cartell

    When are you going to take them on Mr. President? You have been in office for over half a decade?

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    • We need real polls for you to come up with that will actually send a message to this perverted Institution we call the current Government so we send a clear message to it.

      Questions to poll:

      Let us start with the simple question first.

      Do we think the market is rigged?

      Do you support in replacing the current two political party systems?

      Does the US Citizen believe that Congress is full of corrupt politicians?

      Does the US Citizen believe that the President of the US has dropped the ball in most of their promises and pulpit preaching?

      Will the US Citizen Start voting for non-republican and non-democrats just in spite of not having to vote for this two tier political system that has this country in a DEATH GRIP?

      Is the SEC useless?

      Should we increase the SEC budget to by 25 fold and pay more to fight sharks with sharks (Corp-America lawyers?) Since we spend Trillion on foreign Terrorists and phantom WMD as opposed to our own home grown Terrorist Organization called Wall St.?

      Is the Daily Ticker regarded as pseudo-journalists? How would they be considered more credible? Perhaps polling actual questions such as this? Send these results to the main media and have the President present it to the NOT SO FINE PEOPLE OF CONGRESS.

      Is CNBC Squawk Box anything more the Monday morning QB and arms of manipulation?

      Are journalists in the financial community anything more than arms of manipulation and rightly so labeled pseudo-journalists?

      Is the latest "fixed income" collapse anything more than brokers who want to collect fees and increase volume in the market?

      The US Citizen needs to question all after the last 4 years of the Republicans, Democrats, Lobbyists and Corp-America have stolen so much via stock market, MBS fraud, diluting the US Dollar and now fixed income fraud?

      Should Jon Corzine and the men who were in charge of his commission hearing be in PRISION?

      Ball is in the court of the "daily tickers” producers. Which team are you on?

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