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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 23, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    Motley Fool's BS

    Thanks for letting me know what to do when the market declines and by how much.

    What a joke.

    You should recognize if this market does go down by 50% ever, the pledge is being taken by many and we are all waiting for that monumental road trip when the Repuclicans and Democrats are forced to leave the Whitehouse.

    I will assume if we lose our CREDIT RATING again, Congress will quickly find itself being voted out.

    Who is exactly voting Republican and Democrat. Virginia and NJ Governor perhaps will be Sarvis and Kaplan?

    Let us vote them in and send a message to this nations current leaders and the financial terrorists as the (revised) quote from PALE RIDER, "WE ARE COMING AND HELL IS COMING WITH US!"

    Unless they are ballot rigging our votes as well? Very possible the Collusion has no shame and neither does politics.

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    • "Five real estate executives – SEC charged five former executives at Cay Clubs Resorts and Marinas with defrauding investors into believing they were funding the development of five-star destination resorts in Florida and Las Vegas when they were actually buying into a $300 million Ponzi scheme."

      STRIP THERE FAMILIES FOR EVERYTHING. PUBLIC EXECUTION. TIRED OF ALLOWING CRIMINALS TO FLOURISH WITH FREE HOUSING, MEAL PLAN, HEATING AND AIR CONDITIOING AND A GYM AT THE EXPENSE OF THE US TAX PAYERS. Are the politicians buying there votes? They will use any tactics to win, they bus you in, give you a green card if you can make across the Rio Grande and see no reason why not to allow anyone who has been living in the US amnesity for decades.

      Bring the boys home and let them shoot at Mexicans and Candadians trying to get into America illegaly.

      Why not? Try crossing into Russia illegaly or China or Korea, see what happens. These politicans hand them the keyt to the city, a p.o. box to collect checks and teach them how to vote in Spanish and French? REALLY? #$%$?

      Ask your local politicians to start standing voicing his opinon to correct such outrageousness, while people who are diagnosed with cancer lose their health benefits and are forced to leave treatment to die.

      All of you CANCER PATIENTS should be surrounding the White House and let the media try to hide the fact what is going on. We know Justin Bieber is having lunch at so and so this Saturday.

      Please share such topics of conversation. The US Citizen has to DECLARE WAR in the voting booth for the upcoming elections and message must be sent loud and clear, we are NOT EXCUSING BAD BEHAVIOR.

      If they will not implement a 2 strike and you are lifetime ban from the industry we will replace them with men who do follow orders from the US Citizen.

      Also, ask other to go on the "dia" yahoo message board and type in the search "THE PLEDGE" and pass it on to others.

      There will be not aking prisoners in this war of contrition

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