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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 26, 2013 9:55 PM Flag

    AMERICA NEEDS YOU!! Calling the US CITIZEN to start a viral train of thought!!


    A SOLUTION to solve the US headaches.

    1. Bring the boys and girls home from where all this Congress have sent them to die so their constituents can gain while they allow Corp America to steal from the families of Veterans. Stop stealing from the families who made ultimate sacrifices and now are left without head of households or the future of their legacy, how do we repay them? We steal all of their money via a colluded market crash via their 401K, dilute the dollars steals money from the saver. Ingenious but rather transparent formula and the US Citizen is Royally P.O.
    2. Let the returned veterans shoot illegal Mexicans and illegal Canadians at the border.
    3. All Death Row inmates, terminated, Immediately.
    4. All career criminals clean up after step 3. Their last chance at rehabilitation. This is how you clean up a jail system.
    5. Career politicians are removed from office and elections are held for vacant spots. 3 or more terms qualifies for your EJECTION. Terms are limited to one, no more Latin, Spanish pamphlets; learn English. Understand all of these politicians are lawyers for the most part. Lawyers have no sense of HONOR.

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    • 6.Increase the size of the SEC institution by 25 folds to govern Wall St. and arm them with higher quality lawyers, fight a shark with a shark. Stop sending poodles to fight German Sheppard's Dogs of WAR. Wall St. is the first threat to the American Way of Life, the FINANCIAL TERRORIST is Wall Street located with in our border. Stop allowing them to hide behind a disclaimer that says "we can stand here and lie to you because we are idiots or crooks but you can't do anything to us since we warned you all". Wow makes you want to strangle some one doesn't it? As well "we can claim bankruptcy but keep paying ourselves the Management team and company workers but void all the debt we accumulated and value our current shareholders holding to a BIG ZERO. Come out of bankruptcy affecting if not destroying so many lives, called a dominoes effect while we continue to do business as usual.
      7. Remove the future of the US CITIZENS from the wolves of Wall St. who are now in charge of our RETIREMENTS. Wow are we a joke to the three branches of government? Find the committee that allowed that and review every decision they have ever made before and after.
      8. Review all grandfathered laws.
      9. Cut the DOD budget by half. We don't need 40K Nuclear Warheads. Stop allowing Corp America to regulate the future of America. Citizens are dying because these slime bags are allowed to. The US Citizen should ashamed of themselves.
      10. Increase Health Care and Education budgets by 50%. Increase all teacher salaries by 15%.
      11. America stops being the paradise for an illegal who is smuggled here and then she bears a child who are rewarded p.o. boxes allotted to them where their foreign parents who are criminal collect checks. What ever party allows this is immediately barred from future politics

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      • 12. We use the NSA and FBI resources to hunt down all SERIAL KILLERS and KIDNAPPERS.
        13. The US Government is forced to disclose all Human Genome Studies to advance.
        14. The CIA admits they run the largest world class narcotic empire to fund BLACK OP which they hide and keep off the ledgers.
        15. We remove "home of the BRAVE" from the anthem, it is hypocritical to use such terminology when the US Government waged a campaign of Genocide upon them. They were their own version of the #$%$. Let us not rewrite history with a lie and admit our faults, learn, never repeat them and move on. The SS and Homeland Security are one in the same one is matured and in the past the other is new and immature which is transpiring into another version of the KGB or SS.
        16. We need to send the Republican and Democratic REGIME a clear message in the upcoming gubernatorial elections for Virginia and New Jersey and unite to vote Rob Sarvis (Libertarian) and Ken Kaplan. I have no clue about their stances but who cares, we need to unite and show this REGIME its days are numbered if they do not make contrition for molesting the US CITIZEN into the 3rd decade. We do know the stance of the Republicans and Democrats, which is give Jon Corzine a bunch of "atta boys" for destroying so many lives while "misplacing" $1.6B. In Ole Dodge City rope would be around his neck with a sign that read "this is what we do to RUSTLERS around these parts".
        17. The pseudo journalists that litter the Financial Industry and the arms of manipulation for this current party would and does have journalists with integrity in DISGUST. They need to be addressed as well.

        Start with this and move forward. Are you ready to protect each other out of these foxholes we find ourselves in under this OLD 2 PARTY REGIME. Otherwise snuff your children and their futures now instead of allowing strangers to do so.

        Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table and pass this thread on to others.

        Ask other

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