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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 27, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Possible for the US Citzenship to calim all 3 branches have been comprosmised by Terrorist Organizations?

    Terrorists are obviously foriegn as well as national?

    We as a citzenship need to start thinking about removing both parties from playing any major roles of power. We just have lost faith in both of them. We have to watch them go through another debate while we lose our CREDIT RATING AGAIN?

    Timeouts do not work for all children, a belt must be applied to our Congress. If we can water board ;) why not use the leather belt on Congress if not eliminate them from such positions of power. Rational thing to do. Can you ask Jon Corzine and Carl Berg Jr. to mail all their investors they ripped off ther money back.

    Carl I pray every night you and your family die in a horriffic car crash. Just saying.

    The DOD needs to be cut in half.

    We don't need to incenerate an area more than once or three times. A stock pile of 200 folds is unnecessary and waste yet mind numbingly building wealth for their shareholders, we get it. The DOD is murdering the US Citizenship, face it. This idealogy of use all the money you get in a budget else you will get less money next year is LUDICRIOUS. They are stealing so much money via taxes and the spending with reckless abandon.

    This is how the budget works in government and the US Citizen sits back idle, stand and be heard.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others.

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    • "Under today's decision, insurance companies, banks, drug companies, energy companies and the like will be free to each spend $5 million, $10 million or more of corporate funds to elect or defeat a federal candidate -- and thereby to buy influence over the candidate's positions on issues of economic importance to the companies."

      "We are moving to an age where we won't have the senator from Arkansas or the congressman from North Carolina, but the senator from Wal-Mart and the congressman from Bank of America," said Melanie Sloan, director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington."

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