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  • jforuus jforuus Aug 29, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    The Middle East just sent a message to the PRESIDENT.

    Relax, sit down and have TALL glass of MYOB.

    Air Strike Wall Street in NYC our own domestic Financial Terrorists who have far more of an effect on us and the world then a land smaller then California.

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    • I liked listening to the 3 blind mice, General Worthless ( a time when such men had honor, would bleed at the front line, now he sends your kids to die while he is a bunker 11,000 miles away, it was a travesty when they configured the first VCO-voltage controlled osiclators and handed it to these cowards) , Senator the truthbender Kerry(career over huh?) and Chuck the man Hagel Bagel (good lap dog).

      Start with this first of the bat.

      All 3 of their politial careers are over, hence why they were sent out there to take it on the chin from a Congressional team that is so lost that America is in serious trouble if its citzenship can not awaken ASAP.

      I have to be honest with you, our REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC REGIME are so CORP-AMERICA that they go BUY any CONTENDERS, just like they they bought the Liberterian party or the latest party which was the "Tea PARTY" in true Corp-America fashion. What is that fashion? You know!! If you see a "threat" purchase the threat and assimilate it.

      This is what US Politics is now.

      Someone phone the President and ask him what allies? He also should get a new paper boy as well.

      It seems like the man is not getting the correct news.

      The UK says "no", and the UNITED NATION comment "U.N. casts doubt on legality of U.S. plans to punish Syria" is bascially saying "FOMYOBB".

      At least a school yard bully never ask why he got punched in face after being a bully. Just saying, let us stop asking such questions then, perhaps and take it like men?

      Finishing up the 23 YEAR war of imaginary WMD and now this guy wants us to get into another one? Really? Send more of your kids to die for a nation whose political heads are so lost and as a country we are have let them lead us stray.

      Don't leave your families behind again as others have done to be abused while you are dead or forgotten about. I hope we start writing to this President and Congress that the time for "warring" is over and this REGIME has lost the trust of the US Citizen.

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