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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 18, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

    America will it lose its credit rating?

    How many times will that be in the past 4 years?

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    • Questions most Americans want to know:

      What are you doing to create Jobs? (lying to us all about the unemployment rate is insulting; plenty of people at home)

      What are you doing to make Wall Street safe for pensions which the FED decided should be given to these Financial Terrorists in lieu of pensions and the other leg of the tripod it was supposed to be? Recall what the other leg Americans were to stand upon during retirement and now you forced us to these buzzards flying overhead as the only "GAME" as they call it, STEALING OUR MONEY.

      The pseudo-journalists will need to do at least 20 years of work to undo the Scarlett Letter they have acquired after centuries of betrayal. The Financial Pseudo-Journalists will need twice that amount of time. Take a CNBC survey and let them know how you truly feel about their integrity.

      How long does a Veteran need to be given the run around before he is awarded what he has earned? The bureaucracy of cheating these people is insane!!

      Bi-Partisan will be the DEATH of the REPUBLICAN AND DEMOCRATIC parties in less than 4 elections, guaranteed. Millions now are ready to join hands and start vigils and marches upon the White House from housewives, mothers, students and neighbors along with the many who Congress has swept under the rug and into the cracks of the true unemployment rate. This kind of talk isn't TREASON it is DEMOCRACY and the hand of a nation’s citizenship purging itself of bile which they have become. Aligning yourself with new party names will not allow you to hide in the shadows. Occupy Wall Street should have sent a clear message to you? When CNBC questioned the 20 something lad who chimed back with matter of point facts that a nation listened to made this nation’s Citizens beam with pride that day.

      Pushing back retirement ages is not an acceptable answer, while you give yourself lifetime benefits at the Congressional level. You are cheating us and we all know it.

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      • You will need to start reigning in all of these J. Edgar Hoovers and McCarthyism institutions that you have burdened us with. Homeland Security and the SS along with KGB share many of the same characteristics.

        The #$%$'s and the US Government from the 1850's were the same genocidal institutions, don't kid yourself or us. We need to grow as a government or the citizenship will need to start making a ground, there are too many of us educated and wise to allow fear mongrels such as you in Congress to thrive for much longer. This is a warning, your time is running out, evolve or be voted out.

        Stop meddling with other nations affairs.

        We need a President worried about its own citizens and not people 12,000 miles away who would rather spit upon us given any chance.

        The DOD needs its budget cut in half.

        This is the only way the American Citizen sees the Republican and Democratic Regime holding on to power to finish up this third CENTURY.

        The men who are ready to die in foxholes will no longer make such sacrifices blindly but rather should be vying for political power to correct the ills of this two tier political regime.

        The days of soldiering are over and the days of GREAT Citizenship has arrived. This country is willing to support such men financially to cleanse ourselves of this regime that has abandoned the principles of Democracy.
        Being chastised by a police officer for smoking a cigarette during a traffic stop is over.
        Being chastised by a mayor (who breaks curfew while flying his $50 Million helicopter while) telling a CITY not to drink BIG GULPS is over.
        Starting wars to mask ineptness is over.
        Appealing to the masses via "nationalism" to maintain power is over.

        This citzenship should not fear its governement, this government should fear its citizenship. ACCOUNTABLITY.

        Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

        Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

    • Y don't U count your toes, BUTTPH$#K? Let the investing begin.....bwhahaahahahahahaa

    • Will this Congress which is composed of Republicans and Democrats force the market to another death like spiral as it did in 2007?

      How long until we recognize that we cannot have such officials running a country?

      Would you allow your current tax accountant to fail you as we have allowed this CONGRESS to fail us once with the credit rating?

      Has our government been falsely accused of spying on other nations President's? If so would it be out of line to question if our voting results have been compromised? Is it wrong to question such things? Are we in America or is Homeland Security/FBI/NSA now in the business of keeping a two tier political party in power? Is Democracy lost in America? Is this all just fiction? Questions to ask should they be offensive to a patriot?

      Whoever keeps reading and editing this then deleting this should be ashamed for being "good soldiers" and not "GREAT CITIZENS". The same men who bark orders will not hesitate to snuff your futures and if you believe your children's futures are independent of ours, you are incorrect; you know this to be true.

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      • Do we believe this not so underground movement where the Republican Party has been assimilating parties that are gaining momentum or they find to be a threat true? Has the Tea parry been compromised? Has the Libertarian Party been compromised by the Republicans as well?

        Perhaps it is time we start sharing who we voted for instead of taking the word of ballot pole counters. Should we not question the Republicans and Democrats, if they are doing their own pole rigging? These men have lost the blind faith of a nation with the last 3 moves it made, starting all those wars against a foreign regime that did nothing to us and then allude to WMD as the excuse there is a reason why they HATE us so much, how about a tall glass of MYOB – do people who meddle in other persons domestic dispute become victims themselves – does Freud have to tell you this?; allowing their constituents to cash in on fleecing the US Citizen with the market crash and now they inform you these things happen 3 times a century, do we accept this or REPLACE each and every one of them with political parties with no history and start a new?

        No Jobs and a market that is going higher spells more fleecing coming up for the nation and its middle class.

        Did you go to college only to have to find a second job to make ends meet?

        Are we tired of it? Is it time we send a clear message to this Congress, DOJ, the SEC that their DAYS ARE NUMBERED via the voting pole and then freely talk about who we voted for to see if their results are nothing more than their own attempt to stay in power like any other hungry self absorbed REGIME?

        All we should be asking each other at the dinner table is to start holding such men accountable, exercise our voting power to elect them out of office without offering any strikes. This nation is in such a quagmire we no longer have the luxury to have the Tammany in office or crack pots who want to limit you on your soda pop consumption.

        Please share such topics of conversation.

    • What kind of games is "yahoo" playing? Can't seem to post the entire thread. Has yahoo become just another arm of manipulation as Google has become the lap dogs of government that wants to track your movements? Hmmmmn....sad. So much for your principles, compromised as always?

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