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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 19, 2013 8:56 AM Flag

    Governor Christie a Sophists

    Some disgusting facts about him:

    Questions to ask how many positions and benefits did he cut for institutions for his orgainization claiming "savings" only to displace such savings as salaires to individuals on his campaign team.

    Corruption is what that is, plain and simple. Dress a pig up with lipstick and it still a pig Governor Christie.

    Let us put ourself in a TV commercial campaign and sit behind a table on a chair on the beach? Hiding your disgusting self ? Food for thought, such men are men who GOVERN STATES?

    Who are the fools that vote for such men? Voting on party line of #$%$ (Republicans) and Garbage (Democrats) is how we have yielded such low caliber of men as leaders.

    Socrates had a word for this current regime, Sophists - .somebody using clever talk to deceive: a deceptive person who offers clever-sounding but flawed arguments or explanations

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