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  • jforuus jforuus Sep 25, 2013 8:24 AM Flag


    113th Congress
    [22 Republicans -17 Democrats]

    The following names that must be crossed of future ballot poles upon the US Citizens next visit.

    They think our families futures are pieces of their own chess game for the quest for power and empire building.

    We attack them where it DESTROYS them, at the poles. No More, accountablility.

    Paul Ryan (WI-01), Chairman

    Tom Price (GA-06), Vice-Chairman

    Scott Garrett (NJ-05)

    John Campbell (CA-45)

    Ken Calvert (CA-42)

    Tom Cole (OK-04)

    Tom McClintock (CA-04)

    James Lankford (OK-05)

    Diane Black (TN-06)

    Reid Ribble (WI-08)

    Bill Flores (TX-17)

    Todd Rokita (IN-04)

    Rob Woodall (GA-07)

    Marsha Blackburn (TN-07)

    Alan Nunnelee (MS-01)

    Scott Rigell (VA-02)

    Vicky Hartzler (MO-04)

    Jackie Walorski (IN-02)

    Luke Messer (IN-06)

    Tom Rice (SC-07)

    Roger Williams (TX-25)

    Sean Duffy (WI-07)

    Chris Van Hollen (MD-08), Ranking Member

    Allyson Schwartz (PA-13)

    John Yarmuth (KY-03)

    Bill Pascrell (NJ-08)

    Tim Ryan (OH-17)

    Gwen Moore (WI-04)

    Kathy Castor (FL-11)

    Jim McDermott (WA-07)

    Barbara Lee (CA-13)

    David Cicilline (RI-01)

    Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08)

    Mark Pocan (WI-02)

    Michelle Lujan Grisham (NM-01)

    Jared Huffman (CA-02)

    Tony Cardenas (CA-29)

    Earl Blumenauer (OR-03)

    Kurt Schrader (OR-05)

    This is how we weed out the garbage in our country's politics one comittee at a time.

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table. Email and Tweet this to ohers, feel free to post this on FB. We are counting on each other for the great PURGE. The media will not take a part of the purge, this is the thrid century they have Failed the citizenship; it is up to us all to spread the names of men to hold accountable. STARTS TODAY, go forth and protect your family and your neigbors from lesser men called the US Budget Comitee another arm of our very own splinter cell of Financial Terrorist. Remember how many Christmas lost.

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    • Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress. America will not forge and we will constantly bring to light and keep these men in the light if they fail us again.

      America Citizen

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      • The country will have to rally to EXPEL each and every member of this TEAM if they are not fit to prevent another Disaster. If the art of negotiating eludes all 38 of them, then they ALL must go!!!

        Do we give them another a third and fourth chance to WRECK all of our hard work and savings? This country has tired of the sins of the Republicans and Democrats. Another disaster will be a god send and excuse to send a message from the voting booth that THEY BOTH ARE ON NOTICE!! What a REVOLUTION!

    • We have the list of men and women to hold responsible on both sides (same side of destroying Americans) to vote out office.

      1/3 of a government shutdown is acceptable to them. You don't need a union or anything else to guide any longer at the voting booth.

      Please share the list with others at the dinner table. Please copy and paste this to friends and family, let this thought and list become viral.

      It is time for the US Citizen to start to violate our elected officials who repeatedly have violated us. They think in this horrible economy laying more people is ACCEPTABLE, what is your response?

    • Interestingly missing from your list is Harry Reid. Why is that? Reid is solely responsible for MANY of the issues the U.S. is experiencing today because he is essentially a brainless shill for Obama. He won't let legislation go to the Senate floor because his party will lose, so instead, he just never allows a vote. Anything Obama, Reid and Pelosi support is BAD for Americans, you can count on it.

    • Your America has been under attack for the past 50 years are you ready to defend it at the voting poles now go send this list to two people and ask them to send it to two and let us purge these not so fine people of Congress.

    • Fret not the US Citizen is on VIGIL now to eliminate these men from office, one will not take the blame, they all will.

      “You have 40 Ted Cruz Republicans in the House running national policy,” King told the Washington Post. The "Ted Cruz element," as he called them, are living "in their own echo chamber."

      "Obviously everyone knows we have a far right faction that we have to deal with and we have to unify," Grimm said. "That is why I think we'll need a coalition of members to finally say, listen, the most important thing here are those people that aren't going to work today, that have bills to pay, that can barely make ends meet. Those that have small children. They don't know what to tell them. That's what's important to the American people, not our egos, not our poll numbers. All of that is completely irrelevant.

    • Obama obstinate attitude tanks market. He is the greatest leader ever for the shorts and the American Sheeple.

    • tomlynntigard Oct 3, 2013 12:14 AM Flag

      Was there a popular vote to pass 'obamacare'? Or was it a Sunday night democratic vote that made it law regardless of how a popular vote would not pass it? Is it complex enough for you yet? Don't worry it will get worse, because he's told us it will be simple.

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      • Both parties have failed us, partisanism is the ally of politicians in self-preservation mode.

        When you don't know who to blame in the corporate world for the mistakes/problem you disband the entire team and send them to different arms of the business or EXPEL them (take the loss).

        We will need to get past the partisanism and EJECT the ENTIRE list of politicians.

        It starts with every man, next time your having a beer forward them the link of this committee and hold them responsible and send a message to whoever is left in congress, the non-republican and non-democratic newly elected congress, corp-america, lobbyists and those behind the scene.

    • The disdain that all the HARD WORKERS WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE and make the correct decisions in life that are speaking about regarding our CURRENT CONGRESS , the horrors that have been hitting our capital this past few weeks all end it with the comment, "Congress should get the blame and they should be the target of these people via the voting poles" (that was the cleaned up version).

      Does Congress recognize their days in office are numbered? These people are murdering our future just like ALS steals life away from its victims, truth be told.

      Do we trust pseudo-journalists to report the truth? Does a woman go nuts with her child in the car usually, missing parts of the story?

      How many times does a man get laid off before he snaps due to the trickle down butterfly effect of the poor decision making of Congress? This is a systematic problem which can be and lays at not Congress' feet but our own, the US Citizen. We continue to fail each other, from our neighbor, to the men in the fox holes who didn't make it out and to those who will never be the same to our children and their grandchildren. We are going to have to band together to start a movement, these not so fine people of Congress have an arsenal of private cash hoards, corp america muscle, blitz of pseudo-journalists and other gray to illegal recourse (don't kid yourself about these people, if men controlling entire departments of the US Government were know to strong arm and black mail their peers you think do not carry on still? naive?)

      Our only tools to fight them is to expose the truth (that is quickly compromised by professional spin artist that we ask tax payers most likely pay for to be lied to) and vote them out.

      So if this movement is to gain traction your going to have to start sending the lists to friends of this last committee that failed us and vote them out with extreme prejudice. They want you wait for tomorrow when what you feel will pass, don't let it pass and ask others to pass these msgs.

    • Remember these #$%$ that have banned and violated your children future, are you going to continue to watch? Or make copies of this list and ask all you know to stop voting for any of these crooks.

      Wipe them all out even if the innocent must be discarded, there maybe 3 in that lot? maybe.They will not mind the annihilation of corruption that has infested this Congress.

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