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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 6, 2013 1:43 PM Flag

    New Jersey and Virginia VOTERS needs to send a message to the Republican and Democratic Regime

    You shall have to be the first line of attack the war we will have wage at the polls, battles will be lost but a message will be sent that the winds of change are upon us again. Those voters will have to make a stand for the sake of every man who died in a foxhole and can no longer protect their families from our own home grown financial terrorists called Congress and Wall St.

    These voters of these two states will have to send a message, the will have to be the tip of the spear thrust into the heart of the self preservation rats that have infested the White House for so long. You will have to forward, discuss over beers, whisper in song to pass this message to them.

    If Saddam statues were taken down we can surely replace a termite and rat infested building with new ideology and free thought and bring it back to center and principles of this nation:

    +Work hard, keep your money.

    +Don't work hard, you die hungry.

    +Get hurt on the job and the community and your dues which are deducted will take care of you and your peers.

    +Have six children when you work at Dunking Donuts (minimum wage) as a clerk, hope your family can live off the left overs for the day, career politicians want to buy these votes of welfare. we are tired of it.

    +Yes if your illegal came into this country well you are an "illegal", give us a break and man up and admit you did something wrong when you entered the country, MAN UP. Don't hide behind politicians hopes, lies and promises.

    +You have cancer we will foot the bill, but we will not allow drug companies to dictate $100K fees. There is a large disconnect with the "Hippocratic Oath" and Drug companies of Corp America. The scientists of this establishment will need to start standing up to your corp america lawyers and CFO. You deserve to make a profit but not 7000% profit, social and civic responsibility.

    You get the jist.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

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