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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 7, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    We are scared of PUTIN?

    We go after guys who steal Billions from their host countries but turn a blind eye to a guy who might put up a fight?

    I thought we were the US of America and we don't beat you, we make you apologize like you mean it and then beat you?

    Guy steals 70 Billion not a word from us.

    Middle Easterner steals I guess Qaddafi did steal Half A Trillion before we started droning him up the rear?

    Saddam stole $10 Billion, I think Putin QUALIFIES doesn't he or are we just VAGS that go after weaker tyrants? Just saying.

    What happened to the America where we don't bring the fight to him we ANNIHILATE with a scorched earth policy with a 6 mile radius in the kill box zone? just saying.

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