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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 8, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    CNBC Producers are garbage

    We finally have somone on your show saying it how it is, how ALL Americans feel and know to be the course this country is being led down by our crooked Repbulican and Democratic Regime.

    What do they do they put a p. o.... s. good ole boy on to side track him from the important issues which he was actually adressing with the response all Citizens are already sharing among each other.

    CNBC Producers, you are garbage! pseudojournalists if Putin bumped you this nation wouldn't miss you.? It woiudln't, if you had any balls and didn't have them in a jar somewhere by the men who own you perhaps you would stand up for your fellow muredered journalists? Sad excuse of media execs. how do you live with yourselves? The rest of you should be sharing such conversations at the dinner table and talking about it daily until the scurge is wiped out.

    Daniels in the brief moment he was given touched upon the subects:
    1. making educational affordable and freezing college tuition for 2 years, Perdue U. has done
    2. the nonsese between the two parties is effecting so many regarding governement shutdown and the approaching debt ceiling
    3. how they are DESTROYING the future of our children (you parents are sitting idle while they molest your children, truth be told)

    Mitch should be President?
    President of Purdue University; Governor of Indiana (2005-2013) and Director of the Office of Management and Budget (2001-2003)

    Maybe if he was even to be like PUTIN and take out opposition for the correct reason the US Citizen would excuse and turn a blind eye out of RESPECT rather then FEAR as the rest of the world does with regards to Putin? (Didn't realize Obama fearded Putin, DRONES Barack!! All I have say to you, #$%$) Most Americans would love to have shot in the ring with Putin, put that runt in his place, everyone is a big tough guy with 6 bodygaurds around him.

    Back to topic, America appreciates your CANDOR Mitch, teach the rest of your colleagues how to be men as well.

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    • When your grandparents and parents stop getting their checks this coming month recognize somewhere in the back drop it has nothing to do with not being able to reach a decision but I assume some posturing and strong arming is going on regarding the debt we owe and our creditors are letting us know the US has become the puppy on the leash perahaps?

      What kind of self respecting governement otherwise allow seniors to go with out all the well knowing ALL of their jobs are on the line? They are that STUPID? serioulsy? Are we that STUPID for electing such people to office, what a mistake?

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and ask each other to take the pledge.

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