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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 8, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    Bars of Washington DC should be breeding grounds of how to eject useless peacocking politicians of Congress

    Why aren't people drinking pints and speaking of how to vote an entire 49 person committee out of office for each of their elections
    Why aren't ALL the Capital Hill Bars POSTING a list of ALL the names of these not so fine gentlemen of Congress?

    These are the questions to ask next time you visit the following bars in DC:


    Capitol Lounge

    Pour House

    My Brother's Place

    Union Pub

    Johnny's Half Shell

    Art and Soul

    The Dubliner

    You post a list of all of these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS of Capital Hill who go by the gang name of US Congress, the ENTIRE list of members of the committee, both committees (the DEBT CEILING and BUDGET). I bet many of us Americans will be proud of you BAR OWNERS and happy to call ourselves patrons of your establishment. This is one of the places where free thought is shares. Where we learn to express our feelings towards our governement and COLLUDE how to fix the ship which has been over taken by the financial terrorists called Congress.

    Do the College Students of Marshall have more sense to organize and send a message to their schools then the adults of Washington DC who live and drink pints a stones throw away to express to their Cognress that they are wrong? I hope not.

    Every THURSDAY you organize a few of your friends to meet at the pub and bring a list if the owners of these establishments haven’t already put them up and ask them to support America and the right for your elderly parents and grandparents to get their SS check to start with.

    Else perhaps you can ask them to ask Putin to just take over America as well. Just saying.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

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    • Please share such topics of conversations at the dinner table and at halftime during football, your favorite starbuck's or dd, wherever. The pigs of the 2013 Congress need to be replaced with a non-Republican and non-Democratic Regime. They don't care that your 94 yr. old grandmother has to worry about getting her SS, why do you care if they get elected and retain their office? Their allegiance is not to the US Citizen but to the self preservation of their own office.

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      • The US Citizen can not EVER forget the GREAT BETRYAL OF THE US CONGRESS.

        We Idiots keep voting them back in, why? It is going to stop here now.

        You will have to start printing flyers and asking all of your fellow citizens to distribute them out in the parking lots of sporting events and ask them to bring these flyers home and pass them around at other venues, we need to turn this war against congress viral to send them a message the US Citizen is going to repeal which ever laws you try to put in a last Adolf type of desperation.

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