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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 8, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Boener Blah Blah Blah Blah

    You all sat down and have been ramming the US Citizen deep and hard!!

    The US Citizen will not forget you are both to blame and we will give it deep and hard to you at the voting pole.

    Obama your recipe :

    DOD is cut in half, 1000 nukes is enough.
    All Death Row Criminals are executed immediately.
    All Career Criminals clean up the executed criminals.
    Don't send a man to do a bombs job.
    All White Collar Criminals penalties are increased.
    We shoot all illegal Mexicans and Canadians entering the country.
    We stop rewarding people with easy paychecks which is a reward for having another child in poverty, get it together people.
    Increase the SEC by 20X and let us clean up Wall St.
    No longer can a Senator or Congressman,House of Rep. hold office for more than one term.
    Stop medical companies from gouging with 10,000% plus profits limit them to 2500% profit.
    Legalize the drugs the CIA and NSA are selling quietly themselves to fund their covert operations, increase their budgets.

    We just lost $5 Trillion Dollars in the budget!!

    Are the citizens of this country this #$%$ since we keep voiting back these tired old men.

    A #$%$ could fix this country in an hour let me be a dictator for 6 mos. to undo the damage these career criminals called Congress have done to wreck this nation.

    Give me the Presidency a #$%$ could fix this country, just get rid of this Republican and Democratic Parties to start with if you dont' want to vote a 6 mos. dictator in.

    What a waste all of these people of Congress are truly and you are all a waste if you complain and never actually stop voting for them both.

    Who is voting for them? Are they rigging the ballot poles?

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