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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 8, 2013 7:53 PM Flag

    The not so honorable Governor Christie to be voted out of office in NJ

    Don't let the pseudo-journalists manipulate you into thinking that Christie is better.

    The man has denied thousands of raises while he has appointed hundreds into positions that never existed until the doughnut face stuffing eater made it into office to reward nepotism!!! What a joke you are and what a joke we must be to him.

    Christie and Bouno need to go, both parties have failed NJ, time to send them and the national political stage a message!!

    NJ make a stand and don't let the lies and manipulation mislead you again, stay the course.

    Vote non-Republican and non-Democratic this election.

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    • You think he gives a hoot about NJ, no its all about his grooming to be a President, what a joke.

      Gun Control back pedaling on gun control!

      "Christie likes to pretend he's a moderate, but he has the same anti-teacher, anti-worker, anti-LGBT and anti-woman agenda as our own failed governor, Rick Perry."

      "Christie's extreme-right policies have hurt the economy, women, and families in this state"

      This guy can not be trusted to do anything other then self preservation or advancment of his office and or agenda!

      Say NO! to both parties.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and circle the wagons NJ voters and eject the career politicians.

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      • "New Jersey saw a $1 billion budget cut as soon as Christie took office " this is what we want,seriously?

        "Gov. Christie cut $7.5 million from health clinics that provide physical exams, mammograms, life-saving pap smears, and other vital and basic medical screenings. Because of this, family planning clinics saw at least 33,000 fewer patients in 2010 than in 2009, representing a 24 percent drop. The number of clinical breast exams given fell more than 30 percent. Six clinics closed, and others statewide had to cut back on hours or increase waiting periods. This means fewer regular checkups for poor and uninsured women, only creating higher health care costs in the future."

        Christie must be toppled out of Trenton, he is garbage.

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