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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 9, 2013 9:29 AM Flag


    Why doesn’t Nancy Gibbs of NYT and Gerard Baker get their journalist integrity together and start reporting the CRIES OF THE US CITIZENS?

    Why don't they start with simple things such as printing the names of ALL THE BUDGET COMMITTEE MEMBERS that have failed us and continue to do so day 10? Are you cowards, irresponsible, not worth the title you hold or just part of the collusion? Which is it? Answer the US CITIZEN like REPORTERS, Show us you have integrity just like the integrity those same journalists that have been wiped from the face of this earth in a disgusting manner in a PUTIN REGIME, you could learn about principles from them.

    You don't even keep constant pressure on the likes of men named Putin , did the White House call you and threaten to ban you from their puppet press conferences of the" list of acceptable questions"? We call that THEATER!! Is that how pathetic the journalist community has become?

    You want to expose corruption, inefficiencies, mis managed resources, unacceptable behavior by politicians this is how you do so.

    The newspapers with PAGE 6, why don't you for however long this federal government shutdown holds keep dedicating 1/2 the page to the names of this committee members responsible, so we can vote them out eventually, America will not forget and you can take the credit of advancing democracy and cleaning up our polluted system. Soon the DEBT CEILING MEMBERS COMITTEE names will join them on page 6. The US Citizen maybe actually be proud of you. Or let us know what BRITTANY SPEARS ate for lunch and with whom, what a joke on the US Citizen?

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    • Tell your newspaper owners to print it themselves but that will require you as editors teaching your underlings integrity so not to replace you to carry business as usual, papers with half-truths and misrepresentation.

      40 or the 400 of you can start your own newspaper if you fear job loss, better to stand on your feet and die than to live like peasants on your knees? Find yourself again; Find the truth, Spread the truth!! Or have you gone so far off the path of Journalisms? Communicate and conquer.

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      • Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table, they collude upon lies, let us collude upon the truth.

        Our children are counting on us, don't continue to fail them. Time is running short for us all, do not let this moment pass. Share this with others, find these mens contact info and ask your friends to express such issues and ask them to represent the American Citizen desires in a truthful manner.

        Be men, don't be good soldiers, be GREAT CITIZENS.

        American Citizen

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