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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 10, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Teaching the WSJ and NY TIMES and others lessons to be great Citizens

    To the editors and owners of these newspaper companies, are you your editors inept or are the owners of these companies just Rooks in an Empire Building World where the US Citizens are just simple pawns?

    Do you love your country and do nothing to stop the CANCER CALLED CONGRESS?

    The Wall Street Journal
    The New York Times
    USA Today
    Los Angeles Times
    San Jose Mercury
    Daily News
    New York Post
    The Washington Post
    Chicago Sun-Times
    The Denver Post
    The Dallas Morning News

    If you have a politics section in your newspaper and DO NOT HAVE THE LIST OF THE ENTIRE CONGRESS TO VOTE OUT ON DAY 11?12?13? because of their combined failure as leaders to come up with a policy so gramps can get his goshdarn paycheck to get his cream of wheat, they are NOT FIT TO LEAD AND SHOULD BE VOTED OUT and YOU ARE NOT FIT TO RUN A RESPONSIBLE NEWS PAPER.

    To the READERS of these circulations, I implore you to boycott this media to start with, find another rag to read or do you continue to support a rag that is and continues to be a hand or manipulation in the DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA not just its politics? It isn't the circulation’s fault it is OUR fault for not teaching them the value of integrity in the print and not being good little soldiers for a President and his THEATER of a press conference. EFF it, him and their circulations.

    This movement will start with each responsible citizen asking other friends and families to call up and cancel their subscriptions and stop picking up these rags at your local newsstands. You want to change this country for the better of your children? Start with these simple but powerful actions and ask others to as well.

    For the record the editor in chief of the 2004 Putin Person Of The Year should be repeatedly pistol whipped. Time magazine, how sad you as an organization have truly become.

    They do not rest to destroy this nation; you should at least stop reading their lies in print.

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    • Until these rags start to the print the names of all of these committee members’ names to identify the failing leaders who need to be voted out of office we the citizen can no longer support them?

      Let the Warren Buffets and the other Wall Street men playing the game called STEALING OUR MONEY support their own arms of manipulation.
      This is how you start a revolution for CHANGE. Mr. President we will teach you and those committee members the meaning of “CHANGE”.

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and squeeze that persons hand and look them in the eye and ask them to say to you, “I will not buy XXXX newspaper until I see a list of names of these committee members who are destroying America in their newspapers, I do this for you and the future citizens of the United States of America”. It is up to you now to execute at the dinner table, bars, starbucks, donkin donuts, chipotles, wherever!!

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      • Until then be patrons of the smaller news papers and ask them to maintain your loyalty by putting such lists up to hold our TREASONOUS CONGRESS responsible.

        You will not have to be a MINUTE MAN and fire a musket in this sileent but deadly REVOLUTION but even more powerful buy just taking the time out to doing such simple tasks as boycotting these rags who have social and civil irresponsible EDITORS AND OWNERSHIP.

        If this is too much for you than you are sad and you should carry on to making others wealthy and not complain and ask your child before you go to bed are the chains that I have blacksmithed for you ok since I was too lazy and selfish to even put down a newspaper. 10M of you should be asking this question!!

        Please this nation needs one systematic step at a time to bring down the HOUSE OF CORRUPTION CALLED CONGRESS.

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