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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 10, 2013 8:19 PM Flag

    Morningstar is pimping PIMCO

    These pseudo-journalists need to figure out if they want to bash the JUNK BOND king SLICK WILLY GROSS, most of his bonds are junk and or over leveraged? I know I know its not his fault all of his tickers are at INSANE premium to their NAV.

    He then should have a strategy in place to capitalize on the BUBBLE like pps, all those fees and all those years of wisdom and all those talented team members and no dice to capitalizing on it?

    He does have a write-call strategy fund?

    He does have a GO ANYWHERE FUND? go make a profit on the collusion of the bubble like premium fund

    Bill and Mo instead of the cameo appearances and preaching the new norm how about some performance.

    Morningstar's Eric Jacobson get the $105 cigar out of your mouth I think it is clouding what you see on the charts regarding PIMCO and it "earning" an investors patience, this is year no. 4 of lagging while its talented team collects fees, just saying. I am questioning your integrity, it is always good business to question everything, correct? the principles of journalism?

    Did you ask Bill or Slick Willy since all the "time" you spent with him why he hasn't been able to capitalize on the MASSIVE premiums of his ticker for his investors, one can assume only the brokers and swing traders capitalize on it? Just saying.

    ERIC since your such a advocate of the investor and looking out for him, can you do us a favor sir and ask Billiam and Mo E. how does entering into his fund at incorrect time of his fund cycles (all CEF fund cycles) a first time investor can unwittingly give the fund close to a 90 DAY INTERSET FREE LOAN. Why am I doing your job, ERIC? Doesn't that sound like a semi-quasi-Ponzi like structure, espeically with all of these programs they run now to play "the game" what they refer to as STEALING OUR MONEY behind closed doors? Curious?

    Are you salesman or an informative journalist in the financial sector? Pray tell, sir, we are all ear or eyes in this case.

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