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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 13, 2013 10:45 AM Flag

    Are the Russians giong to imprison and take back the $70B Putin has stolen

    Will they strip his entire family of their wealth?

    Will they strip all of his fellow team of predators?

    Will they identify all those FSB mask wearing agents and give justice to the vicitms of their families? An eye for an eye? Since Putin has found religion?

    Will they make and example out of Putin? Will Mother Russia learn and make him an example for the next man to enter and hold office?

    What will happen to RosnPUTIN ? Will it be dismantled? Returned to the original owner after he is freed (not sure about his characate even)? Judging from our own Congress such men are always have blood on their hands usually just like Putin the blood of its citizenship.

    Will Putin be quartered?

    The world is watching, when will they realize you don't enough ammunition to stop an entire citizenship when the LEVY breaks, your guards will run or and turn on you as well.

    I wonder how many have already started aligning themselves with Putin's critics.

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    • Take out Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and simultaneously take out Putin, run the simulation again!!!

      What happened to hit man squads that are already paid that are in hibernation? Carry our the extreme prejudice policy. Why not activate, them take them both out? Unless now we have found religion as a Congress, if you are going to be criminals don't be criminals against your own citizenship but against the leaders of other nations who clearly are rabid infected dogs.

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      • They will be hanging Putin shortly in Russia?

        "Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili was aware of Vladimir Putin’s intention “to hang him by the balls” during the armed conflict in the Caucasus in August. Saakashvili, who arrived in Paris Thursday for a meeting with his French counterpart, confirmed that he knew about the notorious conversation, which supposedly took place between Nicolas Sarkozy and Vladimir Putin"

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