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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 13, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

    The heart of the mater of our banking collapse is it a Rohtschild to blame?

    That is the question to ask that the media of-course never asks?

    These are the whispers behind closed doors men who are not in your or my circle speak of as they chuckle.

    Is it time that honest men sit in the seats of the Fed?

    Is it time that men whose purse strings and hands are not attached to their compass of civic duty and honor but rather to Corp America, perhaps to a 7 old century family?

    You can not cure a disease if you are not frank and candid on the subject matter, it is only then can a systematic cure be devised or at the very least a treatment developed to alleviate the side effects of the virus.

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    • These institutions have become the backdrop for the enslavement of the middle class and the calculated annihilation of the middle class. We are getting hosed every chance they can and our Congress is nothing more then just well polished BUTLERS for these families.

      "I thought PIMCO had jumped the shark when Bill Gross blackmailed Treasury into guaranteeing Fannie & Freddie’s paper. Note that these were not government owned entities but rather were publicly traded firms. The implied guarantee was forced to become an actual guarantee, costing taxpayers 100s of billions of dollars so far."

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