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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 13, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    Teaching Obama how to do MATH

    I realized perhaps President B.O. may have a learning disability. Just saying.

    2001 gas prices $2.16
    2013 gas prices $3.20

    This man thinks we are all idiots!! 33% BRAH.

    OJ half gallon prices $2.99
    OJ half gallon prices $6.50 Over 100% BRAH

    For a President he thinks the people that voted him in are dum as dirt? Dude pick your daughters books and ask if you can sit in with them when they do percentages!!

    Fire the idiot that actually told you it is ok to lie to the US Citizen and post FALSE charts regarding inflation.

    When are we as a country going to just march on the White House and just get rid of these guys? The US Citizen has an emergency ballot pole vote and get rid of both parties. We should be DONE with both parties, these pseudo-journalists are afraid to print the truth because they fear the citizenship will just destroy everything if they find out the truth out of anger? What is their excuse to the cover up and lies?

    Why do 100M citizens fear 300K elected officials, cut the heads (meaning fire) of the high ranking officials and move the bottom 20% to higher ranking offices.

    To the 1.6M retirees who are forced to work that shouldn't be, you should be storming the gates with apple pies and ice cream parties every day and chanting for them to leave their elected posts they have destroyed for the past 2 plus centuries.

    Why aren't we organizing?

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    • Not the pseudo journalists fault either but they should be questioning why Gas, food and energy are no longer part of the inflation equation.

      Wow!! talk about working the books.

      The MAFIA has 2 sets of books just like our government does.

      Every person with an accounting degree should be laughing at our FED since 1982 and then removed them and all those agreed it was a good idea.

      We should be writing new history books speaking of all the ills that these two political parties have allowed in the past 30 years, it is disgusting.

      Our lives have turned to @$@#$ because of these people.

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      • 10 plus Million ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS this guy,we bring the boys back and hunt them all down and escort them to the border, not reward them with money you putz.

        All of you with terminal illnesses please go and die at the doors of the White House and die and leave a letter reading "I am a causality of Obamacare".

        Some of you will not be able to and will need assistance via a wheel chair.

        The trigger will be when Social Security is decreased or eliminated.

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