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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 13, 2013 11:01 PM Flag

    Congress, Rothschild and Treason?

    No wonder why the SEC is useless when it comes to governing Wall St ?. The FED is useless when it comes to governing the Banks?

    An infestation of treacherous and treasonous Congress?

    We need to start voting them quickly?

    The last guy who stole $100K from me was a....

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    • The US Citizen needs to wake up we have been infiltrated and the Financial Terrorists are the men power and the purge must start here as well.

      "The world seems to have finally awoken to the fact that a cabal of bankers are systematically looting the planet by design. As the dominoes fall, even people not attuned to a “New World Order” know that when it comes to the economy, at least, something insidious is taking place."

      "The only problem for Obama is that numerous electronic document experts have shown, using steps that anyone can repeat with if they have the proper software, that the document the White House so proudly uploaded is not simply a scanned version of an original paper document. Instead, it’s what’s called a “layered” document. A document that’s scanned will have only one layer, which is the image itself. A “layered,” electronically manipulated document will show one electronic addition after another. The White House’s birth certificate PDF has nine layers. This was an assembled electronic document, not a scanned paper document"

      Just get rid of any "what ifs" and "questions".

      America needs its patriots to stand up and start recognizing their are threats out there.

      Which side is the CIA on? Are the compromised along with the FBI? Will it be a foot soldier that will have to purge both the FBI and CIA?

      The NSA carte blanche? Seriously how is the CIA and FBI not just eradicating them or having their own eyes on them? Shouldn't they be the checks and balances of Black/Shadow Ops as these?

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