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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 14, 2013 9:23 AM Flag

    The Second Revolutin in America? A war waged on Congress at the voting booth.

    As Americans we come from a blood line of hungry immigrants with a history of hard work and adventure along with a brutal reality of the willingness to commit genocide to attain the end means, truth be told. It is time that revolutionary spirit be rekindled yet again and the willingness to attain and retain for one’s family be another campaign in our history.

    As middle class Americans we are faced with a silent and swift moving movement which cannot be identified readily. As farmers who are faced with a disease the only recourse he has is to retain the SCORCHED EARTH policy. This policy mandates everything be burned to the ground in a quantified area. The breeding grounds of the disease that plagues the middle class of Americans happens to be Congress. We need to do what our forefathers did which was complete genocide and start anew. Congress is the new Native American Indian, it must be wiped out and new crops must be set . We shall need to wipe this existing Congress at the voting poles. All prior policy will have to be revisited, the underground and silent shadow hands must be removed.

    All those Trillions that left our country and savings account must be hunted down. There is always a trail, you cannot have so many rats around and not expect to have a trail left. The lies this Congress spews is mind boggling. It is time for the US Citizen to take as a first step to remove them, immediately. They have murdered the futures of generations of middle class citizen. A piece of their pie isn’t what we want, we want to poop in their pie and make them eat it as they have made us eat it for over 2 centuries in this country.

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    • These men and women stampede over your futures and expect you to accept it several times a lifetime. Do you accept it? Do you teach your children to accept it? Do you teach your grandchildren to accept it? Do you send a message to them in the coming elections, you can collude for another few years but not much longer, we are colluding and sharing with who we have been voting for, unlike the citizens of Russia we have no qualms to grab out Bessie’s and start marching on tyranny yet once again. We will no longer grovel for crumbs at your tableside while your lap dogs eat far well then our children do.
      We will not be making a stand when the coffers have completely been emptied will we? How do you stop these men, you end the control and manipulation of the currency these men control. Turn the tables around on them, the best defense is an offense. They have taught us well that in order to maintain “civility” bloodshed is necessary, why not it be theirs, I am man of non-violence but know that men of such brutality only understand brutality. As movement that is led by a nation this brutality is often called a “Revolution”. The bankers of this world need to be brought to justice.
      The 2 steps to bring a change about will be the following:

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      • These bankers must be brought to justice. We shall need to wage a war upon them by not using our puppet currency dominated government but by replacing our current currency puppet destabilizing government. The other side retain power and control by loaning money to nations. A promise must be made to each other to vote the men and women who are in charge of using these bankers, they are the corrupt link.
        The FED Reserve is our weakest link, the FED Reserve is the avenue they funnel and cheat our 401K from us constantly and we accept it? Remember they first had to get our retirement money centralized for the great funneling. How do you perform such a task? You eliminate corners and nooks where one can hide his money, remove pensions and then hand the wolves the keys to our futures for their pilfering. My dear countrymen we need to awaken and start uttering words such as “revolution” and by this the first step will be to take control back of Congress and the Fed Reserve Seats. They are not fit to be called Americans nor shall we address them with nothing other than “traitors”. There is no god, nor is there a Satan but only the hell these men have been responsible for creating for us. Get your generators now and load up on your supplies because there is a storm that is coming to fight this tyranny. The various institutions will have to start choosing sides and no longer turn a blind eye to what has been happening under their watch. Men do not burn themselves on the green for no reason. There should be a 1000 journalists investigating who he was and what message he was trying to send, obviously frustration and desperation had set in somewhere.

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