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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 15, 2013 2:41 PM Flag

    To the Motley Fool

    How on earth do you want anyone who isn't familiar with you to trust you? Especially after your "asset managers" have a condascending message posted "to the 87% who do not trust the market", why would they for various resons such as the pillaging of the 401K, inflation stats being misrepresented since 1980, several market busts, sky rocketing joblessness also being misrepresented.

    Face it your patrons have all these shares and there is no one who wants to buy and nor should they. Enjoy collecting your dividends, leve it at that?

    What we need is an actual pruge and cleansing of Wall St. If you can not admit to a problem, how are you going to ever fix it? DUH.

    The SEC needs to be actually liberated to smack down collusion and hedge fund managers who help each other front run. We know there is no front running, there is no fake volume, there is no collusion, the game isn't stacked to stealing your money via simple things such as limit order triggers? Let me be candid with you and your entire managment staff, you are ALL FULL OF s#@$t.

    Cheers Fools.

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