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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 17, 2013 10:21 AM Flag

    CEF industry PONZI scheme

    We haven't forgotten you.

    Let us expand on the CORRUPTION and PONZI SCHEME that the ENTIRE CEF INDUSTRY is based on.

    All of those who own CEF are in a bubble manipulated sector which allows all of the fund managers to have carte blanche to STEAL from you.

    First step it to ask your broker, what does this mean?

    Second step if he does not respond back with this, FIRE HIM IMMEDIATELY and don't let him and his FEE MONGER friends collect another dime.

    This is what you ask:

    What does it mean to give the CEF a near 90 day INTEREST FREE LOAN? If you purchase CEF at sweet part of the cycle for the fund they have an underwriter clause that allows them no to have to pay you for nearly the begginning of a cycle which in some cases can be 90 to 92 days. Sounds like a ponzi scheme type structure. Keep using the money to pay distributions with others money and not pay others. Then reset the equation to take your money out before the CEF manager and BROKERS COLLUDE to drolp the pps. If you believe them to be honest, well then make sure you leave your child unattended with every clergyman you meet, sure recipe for success then.

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    • Next time you are at the Cornerstone, PIMCO or Gabelli (talk about a fee monger!), ask such questions!

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table and make sure you vote every Republican and Democrat back into office after they have failed us and think meeting a deadline is excellent work when this work should have been done years earlier.

      I am tired of them and you should be also. We should be planning a politial COUP at the ballot poles to save our children's futures. The Rothschids didn't mind interbreeding with first and second cousins to maintain wealth what do you think these other families will not sacrifice your families for their own gain. Time to stand up and start uttering words like a POLITICAL COUP at the ballot poles.

      Share this with others else let them murder your children and grand parents futures and history.

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