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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 23, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    Has the US Government gone ROGUE?

    Since we are not past spying on our own allies or guests, see Brazil President?

    I would have to say they are staging another THEFT of fixed income accounts and price rigging has now entered into the realm of countries?

    Is this how now the US pays off other nations who have so many notes out on us?

    Ofcourse they do?

    Ofcourse the Great President B.O. is having sit downs with large banks and creating even larger bubbles?

    Is this the last plays of the two tier politial system last grasp to retain power ?

    The tea party is not going to be the answer either and America will not stand for them?

    Will the U.S. be finally broken upto be states and no longer centralized via the FED?

    Has the FED RESERVE over reached and allowed corruption and political agendas to make sound decisions?

    Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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    • This Congress has betrayed the US Ctizen, its allies and has no code other than to gorge itself on the sweat and tears of its citizenship.

      The Mercury is RISIGING and the FBI needs to start bring them to justice else the US CITIZEN needs to formulate their own truly elected commission to execute justice out on those who think hiding behind acronyms such as "ESQ" will save them.

      The time for civility is quickly expriting, how much longer do we tolerate our children and grand parents future and present to be violated? Such men in the ole days would be dealt with switftly and harshly.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

    • The reason why this nation doesn't have fires burning in the street because they have kept all the welfare recipients fed and warm? But the situation can quickly is like a spark in a saw mill factory waiting to happen when the funds dry out?

      Will the new elected government do "search, seek and destroy" (like the Metallica Song!!) missions against all those found guilty in the tribunals that are usually held after a nation has been fleeced and violated? Just saying.

      Are the leaders of Homeland Security, CIA, FBI and NSA all been compromised and so deeply wrapped in the collusionary agendas of the current political leaders therefore ineffective to protect the interest of the US Citizen because now they have blood on their hands as well? Just saying.

      Do the men in power want the US Citizen to SNAP, is this just an amusing game of "how far can we push them before they SNAP?" Just saying.

      Please share these topics of conversations at the dinner table.

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