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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 23, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    Presidents, Congress are guilty?

    "A milker bill is a piece of legislation which is designed to generate income for a politician or group of politicians. In such legislation, a threat is made which causes people to mobilize to defeat the bill, thereby generating funds, and the politician later helps to defeat the bill, or edits it so that the threat is removed. In a classic example of a milker bill, a politician would propose raising taxes for certain corporations, in eager anticipation of the fact that those corporations would spread large amounts of funds to defeat the bill."

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    • Bribes is what they are called?

      The marriage between Corp America and Congress is coming to a finale?

      You 3 (the large media being the thrid) better fix the mess you made because at the end we will not forget all 3 of your parts in this state of financial terror that was created to be dealt with the new governing bodies once you are voted out? (we hjaven't forgotten how you tried to disrespect that 20 yr old man who you thought you could confuse and embarrass during OCCUPY Wall St. instead you cut his interview short after his responses called you the media DIRECTLY out as culprits?)

      One can rest assured stipulations that you be brought to JUSTICE (bankers, politiicans and corp America execs) will be enacted and your cronies on the JUDICIAL Branch will not be in place to protect you but ejected as well?

      Say the word "TRIBUNALS"?

      To the jack SSSSS who keep voting this two system political financial terrorists in, we shall save your kids futures if you are not adult enough not to eat food from the hands that molest your children? TIC TOC?

      Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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