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  • jforuus jforuus Oct 27, 2013 12:17 PM Flag


    Are these large companies actually affiliated with STOCK PARLAY the Company aka GS MEDIA?

    Should there neigbhors at 2885 Sanford Avenue be visiting them?

    Time to find this company websites owners and employees who think they are hurting no one and hold them responsible? Start holding them responsible in the first person? The SEC and DOJ should be on them?

    GS MEDIA find it amusing to contact you we have to fill out a form out, why is that? hmmn..hidnig? you should be, I suspect there are many disgruntled investors that are looking to ask you a few question first hand? I suspect a few will finally be able to ask you those questions in the very near future?

    This is their address someone should go visit them at their office and ask them to stop the madness their office and site represents.

    GS Media | 2885 Sanford Ave SW #16525 | Grandville, MI 49418

    These are some of their picks in the advertisement campaign. Time to start holding buisnessess accountable, hint hint SEC and DOJ. Do something, be useful, don't let more cowards and cheats hide behind disclaimers and collude to steal from the US Citizen.

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    AMPG - $0.18
    OOIL - $0.32
    ENCO - $0.018
    REFG - $0.289
    BETS - $0.094
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    NEGH - $0.10

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    • Find GS Media on FB and find out where and when we can all share some dialogue with them in the first person.

      Let us find their resumes on line and start identifying them all and bring this entire sector into the light.

      Are they using these larger companies falsely to advertise ? Are these larger companies going to start using their Mulit-Million Dollar law sector to put them out of buisness?

      We should all be contacting them and making them aware what is and has been going on with their names in the forefront.

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      • CAll I Contact their affiliate as well and ask them to explain themselves regarding GS Media !!

        I Contact 877 820 7837

        Is "I CONTACT" irresponsible and to be charged in this SCAM ?

        The SEC and Mary Lou need to start doing their job and the President needs to increase that budget of theirs and ask Homeland Security to start addressing FINANCIAL TERRORIST such as our own homegrown ones. Or are we just going to let them all hide behind a trail they think no one can follow?

        Is GS Media have anything to do with Goldman Sachs?

        Please share such topics of conversation at the dinner table.

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