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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 1, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    Poll RIGGING will the only savior of these two financial terrorist political parties?

    Hopefully the CIA,FBI,Homeland Security and NSA will all be regulating to make sure a just and legal election is being held at all times moving forward for all political candidates. All of you who are such patriots will need to step up and not be good soldiers but great citizens?

    This delusional Congress thinks we are going to forget all of the tragedy and travesties that have befallen on the US Citizen in the past 2 centuries. Communication is wide open among us all and tyranny will always be overcome by the sheer masses of a collective seeking justice and a better way of life for their families than the one that has been relegated to us by this Congress,Judicial Branch,carreer lobbyist,career politicans and Corp America.

    "The Republican Party receives a 30-63 percent favorable rating, marking both a record-low favorable and record-high unfavorable in a Fox News poll. The party’s favorability is down 13 percentage points from a year ago (43 percent in September 2012).

    The Democratic Party’s favorability stands at 43 percent -- down seven points from last year.

    In addition, a new high of 75 percent of voters disapprove of the job Republicans in Congress are doing. That’s up nine points since August. Disapproval of Democrats went up just two points during the same time period.

    Thirty-three percent of voters approve of the job Democrats in Congress are doing, while 20 percent approve of Republicans.

    Meanwhile, more voters are extremely or very “frustrated and upset” with congressional Republicans, (55 percent) than with congressional Democrats (46 percent) or with members of the tea party in Congress (45 percent).

    This all leads to an eight-point Democratic advantage on what’s called the generic ballot. The poll shows that when voters are asked how they would vote if the Congressional election were held today, 45 percent would vote for the Democratic candidate in their district and 37 percent the Republican candidates"

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    • Moving forward the US Citizen shall and is going to be where the BUCK STOPS!! please prepare to have your congressional list of all the committee members of the 113 congress that failed us and continue to fail us regarding budget crisis and debt ceiling. A CEO would fire their CFO if he allowed their credit rating to fall. WE must act now with extreme prejudice to puge this entire colluding committee that is draining the greatness of this country for their own greed. tic toc

      The President isn't the CEO of this country, we are the CEO of this country, we are the BOD we are the will and conscience of this nation, not a banker, not puppet infront of a camera trained to read a tele prompter, we the US Citizen. Tis time we flex and shake this establishment of corruption. All bets will be off when the US Citizen takes control once again. Local non-Republican and non-Democrat party members will be elevated to these newly vacated positions. Somewhat of a political COUP.

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress.

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