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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 4, 2013 9:21 AM Flag

    Congress,Media,Manipulation,Integrity - The Fountainhead

    One of my all time classics is what this entire Congress and Media moguls need to watch again or for the first time.

    A book by Ayn Rand, made into a great movie starring Gary Cooper. Ask your children to watch them and to prepare themselves for the next "OCCUPY" this time do not have fear to be a leader, we all need to be leaders so when then stop one, 20 others rise. Google and Yahoo have to come to grips with that they have themselves become compromised and their senior leadership darn well know it. Men like Eric Snowden need to be vindicated and it is very sad that he had to go run into the arms of a mass murderer like Russian Czar President Putin (the guy thinks he is tough, put him in a room with some family members of the press that he has brutalized, see how tough he is then. Time Magazine should be ashamed of themselves, putting him on on the cover, they lost me as a reader that day.)

    Gail Wyand had the integrity to admit when he was wrong and do the right thing afterwards, Jim Cramer and CNBC could learn a few things to learn to measure themselves by.

    Men like Ellsworth Toohey is what this entire sitting Congress is all about, these are the men that need to be purged from the system, the only way to purge such men is to purge them ALL !!!

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    • The Motley Fool with their paid subsription advertisement model is a good joke themselves.

      They at the end have members who pay for their services and flock together on their recommendations driving pps up artifically.

      What should bother you is the fact they have this ridiculous article that they have the nerve to imply you are a fool if you are the 87% who mistrust the stock market.

      Tom and David Garnder and their other best boy are so out of touch with reality, you can put down your $10K suits and try to blend it but at the end of the day you have become smoke screen for the ills of the market. Davie Boy and Tommie Boy flash news, repeat this:

      LIBOR Scandal rigging
      Barclay Scandal price rigging
      SAC Capital Scandal
      Raj R. Scandal

      All of these CEO and CFO who walk upto the podium to talk cover themselves with a "disclaimer" which basiclally says "we can say anything we want and you can't sue us if not one thing is true, because we can claim ingorance".

      You two brothers think we are morons or you are both morons when it comes to the reality of the world and it's happenings. Teach your pseudo-journalist bloggers to actually to have integrity, read up on the word you two shills, at least have a tall glass of shut your mouth and collect your fees from your customers and spare us all with the "don't mistrust the market, the water is warm and come on in!!". Right!! Disgraceful you two are, Gail Wyand had the decency to end it himself, you two should respect and admire men like him.

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