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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 4, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Mr. President,Mary Jo White of the SEC and Preet Bharara

    That $1.88B fine MUST TRIPLE the work force of the SEC with even more talented individuals to start purging Wall St. before the common Citizen starts to eject you all out of office and start purging themselves?

    MUST increse the work force of the SEC, by three folds to start hunting all the corrupt gamers of Wall St.

    As for talent, they hire the best of the best, we need to used these funds to bring in talent to fight a shark with a shark, not send a docile porpoise to deal with all of those Sharks.

    They never stop to collude upon lies, we shall never stop to collude upon the truth. Please bring your list of all the committee members of the debt ceiling to pass on to other voters after you are done voting for anyone but them on the list, regardless of party lines, else you are guilty of allowing them to molest the future of your chidlren. Let us collude to number their days if they can not make SERIOUS continous changes.

    This needs to be a crusade to rid of corruption, head of banks need to be collared, this will require for the people in power in our government who will need to stop colluding with them behind closed doors and smoking their $105 Cigars. Cough Cough the last 10 Presidents, we aren't stupid.

    Mr. President, please nail this to the doors of Congress as well as the doors of the SEC.

    Please email and tweet this to others. As always share such topics of conversation at the dinner table. In the search of the dia yahoo message board, "the pledge" and ask others to take it to take the pledge and pass it on to friends and family.

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    • This President needs to cut off the heads of the EVIL CONGRESS that has put in the pockets of other nations and corporations.

      Sometimes you have to cut off the hand to save the body, in this case the head of a dozen or more members of Congress.

      We need more fines, we still do not trust Wall St. or the hands shakes this government has made with Corp-America.

      This President needs to stop lying to himself and the US Citizen regarding unemployment.

      The unemployed need to start showing up at the gates of the White House to start protesting the numbers such Liars/Presidents/Accountants represent to the media? The media needs to stop being witless tools and force change with the power they possess. Perhaps it is time for a new niche or media moguls to rise? NY Times,WSJ,Barron's,USA Today are just rags now that have no sense of journalist integrity,pseudo-journalists?

      Time to start making the ENTIRE CONGRESS and THE PRESIDENT'S FAMILY DRINK tap water that is from LOCAL FRACKING SITES, put it on reality TV. Let us watch the health of the children of these not so fine people along with them deteriorate on reality TV. Just saying, what is good for our kids should be good for theirs? Correct? Homeland security should be protecting us from such things? Not much on that front from you men? You let the citizenship get poisoned from within though without any concern? #$%$ RATIONALIZATION.

      Journalists and Network Heads please present such challenges to the (EVIL?) Congress?

      Please share such topics of conversations at the dinner table.

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      • Time to challenge them in the media to drink water from these Fracking sites for 6 mos. Mr. President tell your daughters to chug that water down.

        Many of these activist sites should be mailing him a gallon of water from these Fracking towns and tell them to enjoy !!

        Not dangerous, correct? Drink UP!!! feed it to your infant children as well.

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