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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 17, 2013 9:01 AM Flag

    Fox and Friends this weekend

    Talk about opinionated!! Journalists with an attitude. Now only if they could focus on things like criminals in office called Congress. A president who can't figure out how to do his job, an SEC that is handcuffed, a Judicial system that lets the financial terrorist called Wall hide behind the famous disclaimer which allows them to lie to you basically at their conference calls. wow!! Evert citizen in the US is to blame with allowing these men to destroy the futures of our children.

    Fox news, Prayer on the school bus is OUT and keep it out!! Do whatever you want at home, we don't give a hoot. Next we will start having prayer wars in buses? Christians vs. Buddhist prayers wars on buses on Wednesdays? Muslim vs. Jewish prayers on Fridays? Give us a break you morons, we are done with the Crusades, you DBs. I DO NOT want my kid listening to your religious beliefs, there is a thing called private catholic school, have fun and F off.

    Way too many evils have come from religion; wake up, Inquisitions, Salem, we get it the order came down from above from those who sign your paychecks.

    Yes keep religion out of buses,schools,government and business, we do not need any more "witch" burners in office. Wake up!!

    Yes the DOD doesn't need another $1T. Spare us. F our allies, those vampire blood suckers who are depleting the middle class of it all. Put 100 nukes on all 4 sides and let them come, we will deal with it.

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    • Then one of the hosts shows a clip of a woman almost hit by a tree that is falling over in Russia. This host has the balls to insult Russians by throwing in "VODKA". What a disgrace you Efff'ers are the clip earler has to deal with how you want religion to be allowed in schools.

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