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  • jforuus jforuus Nov 19, 2013 4:20 PM Flag

    Latest travesty by the US Politicans and the SEC

    "New York Atty. Gen. Eric T. Schneiderman said the settlement was the largest ever paid by a U.S. company. The settlement requires JPMorgan to pay $9 billion and provide $4 billion in consumer relief, including mortgage modifications for homeowners at risk of foreclosure."

    You have to love these guys.

    The US Citizen pays $85B a month to keep this market propped so they can make BILLIONS.

    Meanwhile they have stolen TRILLIONS.

    The government gets back $9B which we who lost so much between 5 years of our time, life and retirment savings and god knows how many relationships lost becase of the garbage called Congress in ability to keep out of Corp America's and the lobbyists pockets.

    Moving forward they tell the good ole boys at JP, you distribute out the cash as you see fit? Seriously? Please just wipe the blood off of your hands. It is just like us handing our retirement plans and futures to the JACKLY or Financial Terrorists called Wall St. to gaurd?

    The US Citizen wants to see CEO of these companies stripped and whipped in the streets, maybe Saddam was on to something with the public beheadings and the North Koreans as well.

    We don't have to have beheadings, for every 10,000 lives they destroyed we get to kick them in the sac on TV? Deal? Presidents and Congress included? Just saying.

    Soldiers are in foxholes dying and they are stealing their children's, parent's and grand parent's futures. Who is the #$%$ in this scenario?

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