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  • Let me get this straight not only did you STEAL all my money between, management, Detroit politicians,Congress since they knew who they were going to bankrupt and rest assured their cronies shorted GM stock as it collapse, that is what these M.F.ers do, cheat us all and hide behind garbage rules they put in place and call law!!

    In the old days of Dodge City if someone came to steal your money, they would put some lead in their head and be showered with words like "hero and courageous". We need someone like that to be voted into politics to start putting bullets (Euphemism) in such treacherous men of Congress.

    We would vote him in as Caesar for the month!!??!?! Just saying.

    So they stole our money GM and than they stole our cash by the US Gov't taking a loss? hahahaha!! These crooks are good, why aren't all of you unemployed starting a new order of politics, this citizenship will vote for poop on a shingle over these men!!

    The Union heads should be pistol whipped by Congress and Congress should be pistol whipped by the Unions on TV for us all to watch.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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