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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 6, 2014 6:52 AM Flag

    Barclays -BCS

    How have the European citizens not burned down EVERY Barclays' building?

    How does Barclays' have the nads to even be on TV with their commercials, as if they can be trusted?

    What a joke and what a short term memory they think we have?

    We DEMAND JUSTICE and not just a monetery slap on the hand for a select few but the ENTIRE VERTICAL INTEGRATION OF CORRUPTION THAT MANIFESTS ITSELF among them.

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    • I have to watch TD Ameritrade talk about trust when they for some how legally are able to show your stop loss orders? How else do you explain how the orders get triggered by a 20% drop and then bounce back to original pps 2 mili-seconds later? The RIGGED GAME, CALLED STEALING YOUR MONEY?

      General Gates - FLASH NEWS DIP DOOO!! ALL the Republicans and Democrats are not trustworthy, seriously please stop campaigning for any of them.

      Financial industry says its time for you to start investing again, not until we get rid of all the laws that protect CONGRESS to be SCAM artists in suits and until you as an entire sector say hey we won't STEAL FROM YOU OR COLLUDE TOGETHER TO MOLEST YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURES? Ameriprisse, Schwab?

      The racket of the CEF - Close End Fund Sector, what a racket of running computer programs to steal your money.

      The entire pseudo-journalist sites such as Seeking Crappola, Forbes they need to get some journalistic integrity, please report the truth on time.

    • "J for Us"......Bwhahahahaahhaaha....what a joke. J is for boofing. Boof boof boof.....Claim your reward. A buttplug with sequence on it.

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