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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 6, 2014 8:23 AM Flag

    Corruption behin FRACKING and all of its players

    The schemes they hatch to keep their options open for either swing to profit upon, unbelieveable!

    If Amerian Citizens were not so occupied by NFL play offs and paid attention to a Congress sacking their children's future they perhaps would formulate a plan together to meet at Congress and dispense justice?

    Our move is only to force these Republicans and Democrats with a revolving door policy as they have forced the US Citizen to be far more concrened with employement and day to day survival vs. keep an eye on THE NOT SO FINE PEOPLE OF CONGRESS. The citizens of America are not blind to your tactics and when the levy breaks one may suspect, nothing will be off-limits.

    Now one can see why civil wars happen, the youth will have to start another movement to purge this nation.

    The BIRD's Eye view of this corrupt Congress cloake by laws they voted in to protect thmeselves from public beheadings. Which must be the case DAILY at any given DC watering holes discussions can be heard of corrupt schemes since they are protected by their own manipulated laws. Your allowed your children to go die for such men's DISHONORABLE agendas.

    Buy Land
    Destroy enviroements and communities
    Poison the water
    Sell water at premiums down the road, not this century, the next? You will pay their children for their master plans.
    Load up and store natural gas for the time duration Corrupt Congress envokes their master plan to steal more with the help of lobbyists, corp america, who openly hire them as their tenures are done, one hand fist EFFFS the US Citizen while the other prepares to fist EFFFF the US CIizen next.
    Wait till a complete build out is done and then sell back the natural gas at 5X premiums.
    The only people that make money are the Board of Directors of these firms.

    The US CITIZEN is under attack, lay down your jersey's and start writing to your state Congess person while you CC your families and neighbors that a FULL BLITZ RED DOG 42 needs to be executed to purge

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