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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 6, 2014 10:09 PM Flag

    Why haven't the last 10 Presidents simply made this statement? Failure on their part and the US Citizen

    If you are under the poverty median and have more than one child the US CITIZEN IS NOT HERE TO PAY FOR YOUR CHILDREN. EFFF YOU and your kids!! Is that clear. No pulling punches anymore.

    Instead we send them a check and the Democrats bus them in for elections, DISGUSTING. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED to allow such politicians destroy this nation for self preservation of their office.

    The Republicans need to stop using the business cycle to steal as much money as they can from peoples retirements by forcing a down cycle and then forcing people to burn through their savings and then cashing out their 401K retirement stocks for fractions on the dollar which they buy up and sell back up when they swing the business cycle up. Just as DISGUSTING, men leave their homes to die on foriegn soil while you steal their parent's and grand parent's futures and presents.

    How is there not a coup lead by 90 plus yr old men and women? Hmmmmn...At least teach your grand kids now to learn to understand the EVIL of the REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS.

    Wow, what kind of cheats roam the halls of the WHITE HOUSE AND CONGRESS, that we allow to.

    When will the media simply call a SPADE A SPADE?

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table and spread the truth about he liars that are suffocating and molesting our and our children's futures.

    It is very simple to identify and simpler to fix, don't let them confuse you into thinking it is more than what it is.

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    • Jimmy Carter said stay out of work until Ronald Reagan came in saying we can make a touch down.

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      • Jimmy Carter did NOT' say that, he was an Engineer surrounded by CORRUPTION, make no mistake.

        I loved Jimmy Carter, Engineers know who to formulate a solution it is the Corruption of Congress that ultimately fails us all!!

        You let Jimmy shoot a few members of Congress in the head and he would have had them in line, Just saying since the S.Koreans do, heck we would pay to see that on TV. Ask the MFS Global investor (GOVERNOR AND MEMBER OF CONGRESS CORZINE DUH CORRUPTION, They are lucky most violent people are too buys watching football :)and I am sure the SEC has a long line of the Pink Sheet members who be there or have gone missing already? Just saying.

        The SEC please nail that to the boards of the PINK SHEETS. (NOT CONDONING VIOLENCE)

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