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  • jforuus jforuus Jan 24, 2014 7:44 AM Flag


    All on our WATCH?

    The DOJ does not have the capacity to put these POS in check.

    It is our responsiblity to start teaching our GRAND CHILDREN, we must stop voting for them both, they are EVIL and can not and must not be trusted.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

    Please protect our children's futures from these petty people, cowards and criminals.

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    • The next market crash one may suspect gates will be crashed by the masses as well.


      Will the US CITIZEN RISE and eject the current political regime which is in bed with the finanical system and perfecting the ART OF STEALING OUR MONEY.

      Our retirments being funneled into the hands of the wolves has not gone un-noticed.

      How much vote rigging is going on to keep them in power? I stopped voting for them once I saw them repeatedly molest our children's future? Did you? Do you condone them and cheer them to violate your children's future? You think the SEC, the FBI or the DOJ will protect you? Not this lifetime, its timet to mount up and take the pledge on the yahoo "DIA" message board.

    • Mr. President please nail this to the door and give NJ BOY a call as well.

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      • ROGUE CORZINE? Governor of NJ, Sentaor as well and CEO of Goldman Sachs men who created INSTRUMENTS OF MASS DESTRUCTION (Bush BOY could have just invaded Wall St. to find the WMD, DUH!!, TRUE AND FUNNY! GIVE IT UP TO ME FOR THAT ONE!)

        ROGUE CHRISTIE? NJ BULLY. No idea about closing bridges? Really? Another "Atta BOY " commission of Congress will clear him? wow!! Cut budgets and than assign new postions to counter the cuts with 6 figure salaries for posts that never existed prior to obtaining office. wow!! Throw underling under the bus and train just to make sure. Hopefully his kids die of cancer if he is lying.

        ROGUE CONGRESS? LOSE CREDIT RATING. Allow insider trading so cronies can make money. Give Corzine and the MFS CORRUPTION an 'ATTA BOY' and business as usual! Hopefully his family members die of cancer if he is lying.

        ROGUE PRESIDENT? More bullying, send the IRS to upset those that upset you for having different opinions. Push a healhtcare plan without realizing what you are pushing at a national scale. Wow!

        Being a politician doesn't require common sense but a law degree so you can ESCAPE RESPONSIBLITY AFTER you get caught for mis-deeds of violatiing the US CITIZEN.

        We allow this and the only way to stop this is to start a national campaign "GRAND PARENTS TEACH GRAND KIDS TO SAY NO TO EVIL REPUBLICANS AND EVIL DEMOCRATS" !!

        This is how we start the purge and cleansing process of a political system that is so disgustingly out of touch with the citzenship, else enjoy your children living home longer, paying more bills with smaller income and the violation of ALL OF OUR FUTURES. The Revolutionary spirit in us all must be DEAD and men like Daniel Boone would be ASHAMED of us all!

        Please share this topic of conversation with others along with email and sending links to this post to others. Let us COLLUDE upon the TRUTH as they collude upon the lies.

        Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress, Wall St., DOJ and your own door.

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