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  • skwergin skwergin Feb 2, 2014 2:24 AM Flag

    keep shorting, you can't move the market with a ziilion posts in one day. and i am not convinced it is bad.

    this was an overdue but knee jerk market reaction. it was also a hefty drop. but I am not feeling the fear. this is not at all like 2007 when Bush and Paulson got on tv. The 4 year recovery is also not yet a big bull market. There have been a lot of structural changes. I bought even though buying on a down Friday goes counter my thinking. When I look at the last 10 days I see this as a buying opportunity in a long climbing market ahead. Peter Schiff is wrong. That is why he is into bonds. He lives a life of fear.

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    • See Sean024 comments and tell me that you don't feel fear, big fear. I can taste it with people like this. Reminds me of when Joe Kennedy Sr saw working class people barely getting by talking about their next stock purchase, then 1929. I am not saying 1929, tho some feel it could happen and soon, but certainly major (10%+) and long overdue correction. Faking "no-inflation" is the only way we can keep rates at zero and stay off life support, but I am afraid the beginning of the end is near. Just look at the panic in the media to protect stocks with phoney feel-good stories when there is only a 2% drop!

    • Why do you mention Peter Schiff? The guy is a FRAUD. His father died in prison for tax evasion. I don't short the indexes, I short individual stocks. Even in a rising market, there are plenty of no brainer shorts. Cleaning up again today!

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