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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 5, 2014 6:01 PM Flag

    CNBC new low of putting a person convicted of FRAUD on tv and presenting him as analyst.

    He is an analyst but you had to put him on TV, no one without a rap sheet?

    The EDITORS OF CNBC what new lows you can hit.

    Andrew Left of Citiron, not your fault but CNBC could have actually put someone else on, come one!

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table.

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    • That team of LIARS and BS played you again or just get played by others all the time, which is it?

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      • This is why the people that stole all that money from the US Citizen, should realize when it hits the fan again, this time we will cross borders to exact jusice and the middle class will NOT make the mistake to send a man do to a job of something that has been designed for special case scenarios.

        Many Hero American Generals will step aside for a new liberated intelligent man to rule this world.

        You are all good solides prepare to become great citizens and to actually be TRUE to why you became civil servants or joined the forces for civic responsiblity not to be their personal expedable foot soldiers. After they finish with us, who do you think they will turn on next?

        This nation should put their leaders on notice as well as other leaders of other nations, your personal vendettas that bring nations to their knees will eventually result in the liberation of the citizens of this planet from your pettyness and tyranny to the ALL OUT ATTACK of bringing you to QUICK COWBOY JUSTICE OF OLE DODGE CITY resulting in your FAMILIES to pay for ALL OF YOUR SINS?

        We are all waiting for all the families that PUTIN has put in CRISIS to rise to take him down, corruption can not go unchecked forever, it must be found and ANNIHILATED should be the new mantra. Every DOG has its day.

        Please start teaching your grandchildren such prinicipas and idealogy at the dinner table. If you want to make a CHANGE for the better this is how you start with generational teachings to your children so they can pass such things on to their, a flake to a snowball, to a boulder to an avalance to an ice age. We start with single votes and than collude and discuss who we voted for, do we trust these men to count correctly? CNBC to present men of integerity to their viewers? They laugh at you because you are unable or willing to teach your grandchildren the EVIL of REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS to start with.

        Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress and the SEC.

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