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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 16, 2014 10:59 AM Flag

    Kiddie Pron, the President,Congress,Judaical Branch, Financial System,Wall St. Brokerage Houses and Media

    It that what we are into as a NATION?

    Watching such a group come violate our children's future ritually while we all watch? When they tire their they go onto to old? Then on to us?

    Would a man like Putin be allowed to roam this nations street after stealing so much wealth, but we allow them all?

    Wow and we allow it? Obviously since into the 3rd CENTURY the perverted Evil Republican and Evil Democrats are still being voted in. Do we teach our grandchildren not to vote for them, just as we teach our grandchildren not to enter a strangers car? Why do we not teach them, have we not witnessed the #$%$ of all our futures?

    Time to start talking about NOT VOTING such NOT SO FINE MEN INTO CONGRESS TO START WITH.

    Please share such topics of conversation with others at the dinner table. And you remember why you joined what Institution to do what? To allow the rape and murder of our futures? Stop being such GOOD SOLDIERS and start being GREAT CITIZENS. Your children are counting on you.


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    • Wonder do you dress your kids and send them to Congerss to have them molested? If not, than why on earth do you excuse their behavior and allow them to be voted back into office as if you have no say in it. Start voting for anyone but the EVIL REPUBLICANS AND EVIL DEMOCRATS.

      They ban together and give that pig Jon Corzine atta boys for STEALING $1.6B. (molesting your and your grandparents future).

      That entire commission should be purged from any future congress, the media did they list and EXPOSE these molesters? What did you do for the last election, vote them back in to molest your children for the next round? drop your kids of with lube next time.

      When Barclays was caught for scammming interest rates, did we ENTER Britian and bomb the #$%$ out of it? no...Congress and the SEC said thank you can we have another and make sure we get our cut and a fatter white envelope? Then you cheer in their ARENA after they have been caught violating Billions of people for DECADES! Wow. Sinful, your children should be molested by such men, you hand them over to them ritually, PIMPS is what you should be called, but a PIMP actually has an interest and profit to show for it, do you? The Revolutionaries that spilled so much blood on so much soil would be ASHAMED TO KNOW THAT WE ARE THEIR LEGACY.

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