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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 18, 2014 7:18 AM Flag

    Andrew Cuomo running a sexual prison facility? Anthony J. Annucci the PIMP?

    Is he running a low class prostitution ring?

    Wealthy inmates of the system get sent to tennis court, see the last Senator to get sentenced to 7 years out of 50 years in prison. Andrew why does an inmate have to be raped in prison and it is accepted? Is it the ROMAN CATHOLIC in you, CONVERT OR DIE LEGACY? WTF, wake up, man up and start doing your JOB for ALL not just the ones that put you in tuxedos, J.O. You probably never took a bribe, but did you let 100,000 men incareration get raped under your tenure? What is worse? Is it a FETISH for your Andrew Cuomo?

    You who keep donating to his funds and charity understand he is negligent in his duties as a Governor. The J.O, wants to give them a college degree while they are repeatedly being gang raped in prison by gangs? Andrew we need a death penalty and such inmates to be purged from they ENTIRE SYSTEM. Wake up you Dumb F.

    Is he the guy that is going to get it done? Anthony J. Annucci.

    You thing these men in high ranking positons are past such things as betraying your trust or not doing their job?

    "New York State Sen. Malcolm Smith and City Council Member Dan Halloran were arrested in connection with a plot to tamper with the mayoral race."

    "FBI officials say Diana Durand, 47, was arrested in Houston Friday on charges of going around federal campaign laws to funnel more money to Grimm. Durand is charged with using straw donors to exceed the maximum allowable contribution to the Staten Island Republican."

    Hopefully the whip is coming down and continues to. Hopefully the FBI HEAD is no longer a shill or just as corrupt as them? Maybe the other G men are sending him a message, I didn't sign on to betray my nation and its citizens and will not be following orders to advance your personal goals and agendas that thie heads and puppet string pullers have for so long wrapped with the America Flag? Perhaps, they will start a purge of the entire political system as well as the criminal system? Time willl tell

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    • You men in power better realize perhaps the other arms of our system might actually have a conscience and are waking up to slaughter all of you fat cats who have been feasting on this society like vampires?

      There maybe hope if this FBI Head isn't just a poser if the D.A. start questioning why do we have to accept orders with out questions. Perhaps they will be their own men and answer to the loudest voice they can ever hear which is their own conscience?

      It is time to start tearing the system down of all of these ills, obviously you see what happens when you follow orders like good soldiers these men will DESTROY this nation under your watch.

      Don NOT fail your mother,father,brother,sister,neighbor,YOURSELF again.

      This citizenship of this nation is ready to cross borders and before we do that we will drop all the nukes that you collected in the arsenal for so long for show on those nations before one single US Boot crosses that border that harbor these FINE Criminal and have been funnels to stealing all of our money. These bankers and their family names will not save them. Most of our leaders are crooks, we know that and soon the death of the EVIL REPUBLICAN AND EVIL DEMOCRATIC PARTY WILL BE A NATIONAL DAY OF CELEBRATION?

      Tic Toc

      Mr. President please nail this to the doors of Congress and the Halls of Wall St. Even those old man with 2 degrees of separation are not safe from men who demand JUSTICE.

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