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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 10, 2014 7:22 AM Flag

    Sabotage as usual for the Market?

    Do they think we always think it is just IRONY when such things happen to crush markets.

    People dying in the Ukraine is just an excuse for them to take their money out at a fast rate to fleece all of us once again.

    It is time the media stop reporting what the White House or those in power want reported what they need to report is the TRUTH. F your promised exclusives and the pay back for the past exclusives. This media is COMPROMISED or so easily mis-led; BOTH!?!?

    Please go on the "DIA" board and type in the search "THE PLEDGE" on the drop down menu switch to "ALL" and take the pledge. Print it and put it on your fridge. Teach your grandchildren and ask them to take the PLEDGE. Let this become a generational movement which will carry on. OUR CHECKS AND BALANCES NOT THE CORRUPT CHECKS AND BALANCE OF A SYSTEM THAT IS ARCHAIC AND WHICH ALSO HAS BEEN COMPROMISED WITH MEN WHO CAN'T DRIVE THE GREATEST ECONOMIC MACHINE IN THE WORLD. LET US HAVE A TOLERATION THRESHOLD BEFORE THEY MUST BE REMOVED.

    Share THE PLEDGE with others.

    This will be our signal to CHANGE THE OLE GUARDS (WOLVES) watching the hen house with those whose interests are completely aligned withe 90%'ers !!

    Please share such topics of discussion with others.

    You Grandparents are the first line of defense. America's citizens are counting on you all to teach them the EVIL REPUBLICANS AND EVIL DEMOCRATS have sold us all out and think they can continue this cycle UN-F'G CHECKED.

    Mr. President please nail this to the doors of congress.

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