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  • jforuus jforuus Mar 14, 2014 8:25 PM Flag

    McCAIN we will give you a Billion $$ in BOMBS TO DROP !!!

    You can drop a BILLION $$$ worth of BOMBS on the RUSSIANS, Ukraines...whatever.

    The US Citizen doesn't trust any of you NOT to STEAL hundreds of millions of that billion. You meaning the #$%$ed Congress.

    Not #$%$ed.

    Reid a #$%$? wow.....
    Corzine a #$%$? wow...
    Christie Bridgegate..just out right abuse of power...

    Wake up McCain if you think your peers a saints or even HONEST...have a tall glass of WTFU. wake da F up!!

    Be a man and start beating them into submission for betraying your country.

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    • Then go over to the DOJ and beat them into submission so the FBI can do what they get paid and tooks oaths to do.

      Can we hunt every serial killer down as well? Seriously...

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      • The CONSCIENCE of America is AWAKE AND AWARE as well as increasing in PERCEPTION.

        The games of DECEIT AND EXCUSES of screwing us daily is no longer going to fly.

        We don't need men who are saints in office we do need men who are honest about serving to the best interest of the MAJORITY of the US CITIZEN not their donators. Hence why CAREER POLITICIANS ARE THE INFESTATION AND GROUND ZERO OF CORRUPTION AND COMPROMISE. See the list above,cite the 2 degrees of separation of who donated to who...corporations that didn't' exist until 6 mos. before elections? Where are the journalists of this country? AWAKEN AND RISE and here your fellow citizens cry and demand justice, the pen that you hold will band and rally the citizenship to say "GET OUT and leave everything you and your families have stolen from us, don't worry we will be crossing borders to get everything else you have moved".

        If the PATRIOT ACT ALLOWS US TO violate civil liberties, other ACTS will be incorporated for all guilty parties to be induced by medicinal therapies to extract the truth out of them via dugs. It is time we START TO FIGHT LIES WITH THE TRUTH.

        This Heads of ALL MEDIA better figure out whose side they are on? Are they here to CHAMPION THE TRUTH or be JUST PUPPETS for those that hancock their names to their checks? EMANCIPATE YOURSELF FROM such desires where they no longer have you in chains while they RAPE your families futures ritually. (Our DOJ Attorney can't figure out how not to run a RAPE PENALCOLONY, who put him in charge and who put the guy who put him in charge!?!) It is time to start CLEANSING THIS NATIONS POLITICAL SYSTEM AT THE VOTING BOOTH. Love thy family and thy neighbor, do not betray them again by voting for such men.

        Grandparents are already teaching their grand kids that the EVIL REPUBLICANS AND EVIL DEMOCRATS have stolen and damaged so many futures. That platform alone can win ANY MAN an election against you ALL, make no mistake of that.

        Please share such toughts.

    • #$%$ed = #$%$.e.d

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