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  • alamjob239 alamjob239 Mar 15, 2014 5:17 PM Flag

    Dow Jones - Too Late - Cash is here - Read Please - You should have been out on Friday

    There is why plain and simple:
    - Russia will not be supportive to the situation - way too early.
    - China ecomony is gloomy with real data and future econimic data from Chaina does not look good.
    - Fed tapering of 10B. will cause emerging market to suffer - they are already suffering look at the previous markers.
    - Interest rate may increase a little - this will cause huge pain for stock market.
    - Vix is rising.
    - Huge sellof on last 4 days of this week.
    - Monday and Tuesday do not have signiuficant US econimic data to boost the market.
    - This week Venezuela US conflict
    - Syrian civil war - death toll rising concern on Middle East.
    - Job growth did not increase significantly.
    - Many company last and this weeks close part of their business and laid off people.
    - Good news for many companies on Friday did not boost the stock prices.

    If you looking for miracle, good luck.

    Friday of next week things will settle down because no matter what people will imbrace the situation and start getting into the market.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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